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Acelerar la salida al mercado global de Keeper Security con IA

El equipo de marketing de Keeper ahorra tiempo con el flujo de trabajo optimizado de Lilt

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¿Por qué Lilt?

Necesitaba un socio confiable que pudiera cumplir con los objetivos y plazos de traducción


Tiempos de entrega más rápidos y menos tiempo que el equipo de marketing de Keeper dedica a la traducción


In today’s digital age, cyberattacks have not only become prevalent but also more sophisticated. As the volume and impact of cyberthreats increase around the world, it’s more important than ever for everyone- from small businesses to government organizations to global enterprises- to have a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy in place to protect their employees, customers, and intellectual property.

One of the simplest and most important ways to secure your organization is through secure password management. Trusted by thousands of businesses, Keeper Security is a global cybersecurity company that provides affordable and easy-to-use solutions to protect individuals and organizations from cyberthreats. This all-in-one platform unifies critical components of identity and access management. With their next-generation approach to security, Keeper prevents breaches, reduces helpdesk costs, and ensures compliance for organizations of all sizes.

With a global customer base across multiple countries relying on Keeper, localizing content was a top priority for their team.

Por qué Keeper Security eligió a Lilt

Finding a partner to manage translation of Keeper marketing content had historically been a challenge. Over an 18-month period, the marketing team tried four different vendors and none had been able to meet the needs of their projects. Previous vendors either could not deliver projects within set timelines, or on rare occasions, forgot to deliver altogether.

That all changed when the team found LILT. Brad Cain, Director of Global B2B Marketing, was referred to LILT by a colleague and believed that LILT's AI translation solution would enable them to create multilingual content at scale for their six target core languages, and do so within the team’s tight timelines.

“Most of the agencies we had talked to were relying on ‘brute force’ – outsourcing to as many people as possible. I liked the idea of LILT's technology-first approach and thought it would allow for quicker translation,” Brad shared.

LILT's Contextual AI Engine uses an industry-leading In-Context Learning (ICL) approach. Skilled linguists verify the factuality and accuracy of translation prompts for verified translation. As they work, this human feedback refines large language models in real-time to improve accuracy and incorporate each company’s unique voice. Over time, this enables increases in translation velocity and as a result, the ability to scale that Brad and his team required.

Un flujo de trabajo optimizado para un equipo global

As any modern marketer knows, there are many different types of content involved in a successful customer campaign, from sales enablement materials to press releases to copy for ads on social media. Managing the unique needs of each content type and coordinating stakeholders dispersed globally is no easy feat. 

With LILT, translation workflows for Keeper’s global marketing team have never been simpler. With centralized organization provided by LILT, any content creator across the global team of 20 can easily send projects to LILT for translation and receive translated content in return. 

With LILT's team and technology doing the heavy lifting, translation now takes up less than ⅙ of the time it took the Keeper marketing team with previous vendors. This has freed up the team’s resources to focus on high-impact projects where their unique skill sets are most valuable.

Lilt nos ha ayudado a expandirnos rápidamente a nuevos mercados al optimizar nuestro enfoque de localización. La tecnología de IA de Lilt nos permite localizar rápida y fácilmente a cualquier idioma que necesitemos sobre la marcha.

Brad Cain

Director de marketing global B2B en Keeper Security

Velocidad de traducción impulsada por IA

Not only has LILT reduced the time and effort required from the Keeper marketing team for tasks related to translation, but it has shortened the time between requesting and receiving translated content. Time-sensitive content like press releases often requires quick turnarounds for the Keeper team. 

LILT's highly responsive program team and the heightened translation velocity enabled by the Contextual AI Engine have ensured that LILT can meet tight timelines, sometimes delivering content on the same day. Ultimately, this means that Keeper can go to market with new campaigns more quickly. 

Having a partner that can ensure speed and reliability without compromising quality is key for successful global campaigns. Brad explained, “With LILT, we’re able to produce much more content and get our message to market much more efficiently. We have vastly improved our user experience by ensuring all communications are in-language.”

¿Qué es lo que se viene para Keeper y Lilt?

Looking ahead, Brad and his team are excited about the future and the potential AI has to continue to make localization even more scalable, allowing them to translate more content into less common languages. 

Keeper has a number of exciting global initiatives planned for the rest of 2023. In early Q2, Keeper will continue to expand their footprint across the Asia Pacific region. For the Keeper marketing team, LILT will continue to be a crucial partner for their global growth strategy.

Para nosotros, no se trata solo de por qué decidimos elegir a Lilt, sino por qué hemos decidido seguir trabajando con Lilt.

Brad Cain

Director de marketing global B2B en Keeper Security

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