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WalkMe aumenta la velocidad de traducción y simplifica los flujos de trabajo con Lilt
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¿Por qué Lilt?

Necesitaba una solución de localización de extremo a extremo que pudiera adaptarse y crecer con WalkMe


Mayor velocidad de traducción y un flujo de trabajo de localización gestionado y simplificado


Picture this - after months of vetting different vendors, you've finally rolled out a big new software solution across your department. Then, three months later, you find that no one is using the new software you painstakingly selected. Sound familiar? In a recent survey, Gartner found that 48% of executives believe that getting employees enabled and effective on new technology fast is one of their most critical initiatives in the coming years.

Thankfully, there's WalkMe. WalkMe created the digital adoption category. Its pioneering digital adoption platform makes it effortless to learn and master any software, website, app, and more. WalkMe enables companies to onboard, train, and guide new and existing users alike with proactive, step-by-step “Walk-Thrus” so users can complete tasks easily in the moment of need. WalkMe also provides executives better visibility into digital usage, and allows organizations to maximize the full value of their digital assets and successfully guide their enterprise through digital transformation.The company has taken off - WalkMe has grown to nearly 1,000 employees worldwide and has raised over $300M in funding.

"At WalkMe, our vision is to match the capability of people with the capability of technology. Instead of asking people to adapt to systems, we make systems adapt to people - enabling our users to get the most out of adopting new technology." said Caroline Meidan, VP of Global Support Operations and Knowledge Collaboration at WalkMe.

As WalkMe rapidly scaled and built out its international presence, the company found it difficult to localize its digital content into all the languages spoken by its global customer base. As a result, support tickets were mounting and putting a strain on the organization, reducing customer satisfaction, and potentially driving away new deals.

No tenemos un equipo de localización e hicimos esfuerzos aislados para tratar de traducir nuestro contenido, pero la calidad realmente decayó. Terminó siendo una carga demasiado pesada para cada equipo, por lo que las iniciativas perdieron fuerza. Todo eso cambió con Lilt.

Minor Ben-David

Gerente de conocimiento externo en WalkMe

Un socio estratégico y una solución de inteligencia artificial innovadora

Minor isn't a localization professional. In fact, she had no previous experience with localization prior to WalkMe. But she saw a clear gap in WalkMe's customer experience, and she knew she needed a trusted, strategic localization partner that understood the power of contextual AI and automation in the same way that WalkMe did. That's why she turned to LILT.

"We looked at pretty much all of the leading localization providers out there, but we could tell LILT was different. While most of our conversations seemed like standard vendor sales pitches, it was clear that LILT could act as more of a strategic partner to our business," said Ben-David.

"LILT provides us with not only high-quality translation services, but also a modern software platform that integrates with our content systems and workflows, AI and machine learning to increase translation speed and accuracy, and automation to make the whole process simple. That way, WalkMe can run a localization program without a dedicated localization team," added Ben-David.

LILT’s Contextual AI Engine is powered by large language models, which are then adapted by feedback from human linguists to generate the scale and guaranteed quality that WalkMe required.

Foco en los resultados empresariales más allá de los productos de la localización

WalkMe's external knowledge team works hard to make it easy for its customers to use online support content rather than having to call or email the support team. WalkMe invests heavily in product development and is constantly releasing new features, so things like localized release notes are highly valuable for the company's global customers.

"By being proactive about how and into what languages we translate, we can anticipate our customers' needs before they explicitly need to ask for anything - which our customers love," said Ben-David.

Reducir la complejidad de la localización con un flujo de trabajo automatizado y optimizado

WalkMe was worried about wasting time and resources due to a lack of a clear localization workflow. The company had previously worked with a handful of translation providers, but none of them could deliver the solution the team was looking for. There were concerns about quality, ongoing communication challenges, and a lack of willingness to quickly identify challenges and provide solutions.

More than anything, none of them shared WalkMe's vision for automation as a scalable way to enable delightful customer experiences at scale. That's why WalkMe was excited about LILT's ability to provide a true end-to-end solution - including localization best practices, systems design to keep things organized and manageable, and automation to reduce the need for human intervention.

"WalkMe is rapidly growing, so we needed a partner who could support our growing set of needs. We were really excited about LILT's ability to scale. By bringing all of WalkMe's translation through a single, unified platform, we drastically reduce complexity and the possibility of human error, which is only going to get more important as our business grows," remarked Ben-David.

WalkMe uses Wordpress to host much of its external content, and Lilt's native Wordpress connector makes it easy for the company to send content and have it rapidly assigned, translated, and sent right back into Wordpress - all with the click of a button. Because of LILT's flexible API and growing marketplace of connectors, the WalkMe team knows that if it decides to add additional content systems or replatform onto a new CMS, there won't be any disruptions to its localization workflow.

Al llevar toda la traducción de WalkMe a través de una única plataforma unificada, reducimos drásticamente la complejidad y la posibilidad de que se produzcan errores humanos, algo que va a ser cada vez más importante a medida que nuestro negocio crezca.

Minor Ben-David

Gerente de conocimiento externo en WalkMe

Mayor transparencia en el proceso de localización

LILT gives customers the ability to interact directly with the dedicated team of translators working on their content, which was an important selling point for WalkMe. Rather than operating as a black box with limited communication, LILT gives Minor a clear picture of important information like project status, which translators have been assigned, as well as the ability to provide feedback directly to those translators. Her stakeholders across the business also appreciate being able to talk directly with translators so they can provide additional guidance or feedback on new or particularly challenging pieces of content. Once feedback is given, LILT’s contextual AI models instantly retrain, enabling higher accuracy, greater consistency, and closer alignment to WalkMe’s preferences for future translations. 

Quería un socio de confianza que pudiera liberarme para poder dedicar mi tiempo en pensar más estratégicamente en el negocio de WalkMe. Esa es la asociación que tenemos con Lilt.

Minor Ben-David

Gerente de conocimiento externo en WalkMe

La confianza como un verdadero socio de negocios, hoy y en el futuro

Most of all, WalkMe wanted a partner that could not only help design localization workflows and business processes, but also one who could help the company think strategically about how LILT's AI solution can help them scale. Because WalkMe was early in its localization journey, they wanted a partner who could help them discover new areas to localize content and new ways to get a higher return on their localization investment.

"WalkMe has so many different customer touchpoints and a rapidly growing customer base. Because of the huge demand for our digital adoption platform, we're seeing growing demand even in new countries for which we don't have a specific go-to-market or customer experience strategy. We have to ensure that we localize into more and more languages to serve those new customers, and LILT's software and services help us make changes and get up and running in new locales faster than ever," said Ben-David.

"Ultimately, I don't really see my job as managing translation projects and nit-picking specific terminology. I wanted to find a localization partner who could take things off my plate and free my time up to think more strategically about how localization can increase customer satisfaction and unlock new revenue opportunities for WalkMe. That's the kind of partnership we have with LILT," concluded Ben-David.

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