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nView disminuye los costos de traducción y mejora los tiempos de entrega gracias a Lilt

nView se asocia con Lilt para reducir los costos de traducción en 10 veces y llegar al mercado más rápido que nunca.
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¿Por qué Lilt?

Buscaba un socio a largo plazo que me ayudara a agilizar la traducción y reducir los costos.


Reducción del costo de los servicios de traducción hasta en 10 veces, a la vez que se mantiene la alta calidad de las traducciones.


Mental health conditions are becoming increasingly common across the world. In fact, an estimated 20% of adults experience a serious mental illness in their lifetime, and over 5 million children in the United States are affected on a daily basis. The global COVID-19 pandemic further exacerbated mental health issues worldwide, raising awareness about these issues and concerns about how to solve them.

Unfortunately, a global shortage of qualified behavioral health specialists who can accurately diagnose and treat individuals suffering from mental health illnesses is causing significant delays in treatment plans and care, leaving millions to suffer. In order to quickly and effectively diagnose, monitor, and treat those struggling with behavioral health issues, medical professionals, educators, and researchers need access to the latest research and other treatment information.

That’s where nView Health steps in.

With evidence-based solutions that have been cited in more than 20,000 publications over the last 25 years, nView Health provides innovative technologies and services to those mental health professionals and researchers. Mental health issues affect people of all backgrounds and cultures across all languages. Without access to local language content, many of these professionals and researchers worldwide are left without the information they need to effectively treat patients.

El desafío de la localización

Because they work with some of the largest clinical research organizations around the world, it’s vital for nView to provide its solutions in many languages and locales.

“nView solutions are used in clinical and academic research, and in clinical practice around the world. Whenever there's a research study or clinical practice that needs our solutions internationally, they typically have to be translated into multiple languages to support the specific populations,” said Jim Szyperski, CEO of nView Health. “As a result, we have a large and growing number of behavioral health measurement solutions that have to be multilingual.”

The translation process is complex, with specific attention to each word’s meaning and intent necessary to properly measure results. The largely manual effort by translation providers historically has led to high costs and time-consuming workflows, both of which made it difficult for nView to effectively get their solutions out into the market in a timely and cost-effective manner.

“In many cases, there is a pressing timetable that provides little time to spare. These are typically complex projects, sometimes involving multiple countries and languages and many moving parts. Delays or extended time frames for translation are costly and put the project and our customer implementation dates at risk. That is simply not acceptable.”

Al trabajar con Lilt, ya no tenemos que pensar en términos de meses antes de la entrega. Ahora, sabemos que tendremos los proyectos terminados en semanas y tenemos la certeza de que tendremos algo en lo que confiamos.

Maurice Rosenbaum

Asesor de productos en nView

Encontrar una nueva oportunidad para avanzar

To overcome these fundamental hurdles, the nView technology team decided to start the search for vendors that could provide additional language translation options for their global customers. When they came across LILT, the team at nView saw the great potential for a new long term partner that extensively applied new technologies to both accelerate the translation process and lower the customer costs for translation services. This allows nView to more effectively manage translation costs and timeframes on behalf of their customers.

With the time and cost savings, nView estimates that the cost of translation services with LILT can be up to 10x less while maintaining the highest level of translation quality. Additionally, the underlying AI technology used by LILT's translation services has successfully been used by nView on several internal initiatives that have helped nView in previously unforeseen ways.

“We’ve finally been able to finish some projects that had been problematic, to say the least. From the beginning of our relationship with LILT, they have been a real partner in the best sense of the word. Well beyond the excellent translation services they provide, their team has been refreshingly collaborative and responsive. The LILT team has even proactively applied their advanced technical capabilities to benefit nView on several internal initiatives that we neither foresaw nor could have done in a quality manner without them,” Jim said.

Construir una asociación para el futuro

While the cost and time savings are critical to current and future business opportunities, nView doesn’t view LILT as just another vendor.

Encontramos que hay una alineación en la forma en que trabajamos juntos. Ahora, abordamos los proyectos como una asociación, no solo como una relación proveedor-cliente. Con toda honestidad, vemos a Lilt como una parte ampliada de nuestro equipo, que nos ayuda a llegar al mercado más rápidamente.

Maurice Rosenbaum

Asesor de producto en nView

Looking ahead, that partnership looks to be a valuable asset for nView’s future plans.

“A big part of identifying, diagnosing, and treating mental health issues is creating a unified global experience for everyone,” said Jim. “We know that having LILT as a partner will enable us to provide the medical community with the solutions and language access it needs to continue to treat patients everywhere. That is our mission at nView”

Llega a clientes globales hoy mismo con Lilt