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Review and Design Services

Polish and perfect your content for publication with Lilt.


Learn about our review and design services

Post-localization review

Lilt linguists ensure optimal user experience through review of translated content in target context prior to deployment.

Secondary proofing

Lilt conducts detailed secondary review of third-party work, or refreshes outdated localized content.

Functional testing

Our specialized, carefully trained testing specialists review translated content in its final output prior to deployment.

Desktop publishing

Our creative team integrates localized text into files, artwork, and other file types, carefully recreating graphics for aesthetically optimized content.

Linguistic QA

Our dedicated team carefully reviews localized content with a scorecard and benchmark metrics, providing quality feedback and root cause analysis.

Formatting & typesetting

Leaving no stone unturned, our linguistic team works diligently to ensure that all content has been perfectly polished prior to publishing.

Walmart eCommerce language can deliver value to global customers

"Our main business objective is to create an experience that delivers value to our global customers. Language is so powerful that a single word can make a big difference in the global experience."

Walmart eCommerce language can deliver value to global customers
Miguel Gomez Ramirez
Sr. Product Manager, Browse, Search & Personalization

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