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Lilt enables better global experiences at scale

Make every customer experience a global experience:

Trusted by leading organizations around the World

Juniper Networks
Digital Ocean
Orca Security

Why we're different

We treat our translators better

We treat our translators well, paying them hourly and engaging them in our collaborative translator community.

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We empower humans with technology

We equip our team with tools we built specifically to help them maximize quality and efficiency.

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We are constantly innovating

We design and build technology in-house to solve the world's most pressing language problems.

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We believe in collaborative partnership

Our customers' goals are our goals, and we work closely with our customers to achieve those goals.

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An experience platform with truly global reach

Lilt operates around the world to bring you consistent, 24/7 coverage.

Global Hubs

San Francisco, Berlin, Indianapolis, London, Dublin, New York, Washington, D.C., Beijing, Wroclaw, Kiev

Backed by Leading AI, ML, NLP, and Enterprise Software Investors

Sequoia Capital
X Seed Capital
Redpoint Capital
Intel Capital
Zetta Venture Partners

We’re proud of the recognition Lilt has received. Check out our awards below.

Excellence in Artificial Intelligence
Natural Language Processing Award
CB Insights
Top 100 AI Startups
Sales and Marketing Awards
Organization of the Year
TAUS Award
Game-Changing Innovation Award

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Recognized by Customers, Translators, and Industry Organizations

Most Promising AI Company
AI-Powered Services Leader
Translators Without Borders
Diamond Partner
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Top Ranked Translation Provider
Best in Business 2022

Leadership Team

Spence Green
Spence Green
John DeNero
John DeNero
Chief Scientist
Paula Shannon
Paula Shannon
Chief Evangelist
Omar Orqueda
Omar Orqueda
Head of Engineering
Tanya Gadea
Tanya Gadea
Head of Services
Andy Jolls
Andy Jolls
Chief Marketing Officer
Sylvia Borek
Sylvia Borek
Head of Revenue, AMER
Ashwin Purohit
Ashwin Purohit
Head of Strategic Operations
Gwenevere Crary
Gwenevere Crary
Head of People
Matt Mores
Matt Mores
Head of Revenue, EMEA

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