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Generate content in any language with LILT Create

Instantly create brand-aligned, enterprise-grade content in your language of choice with generative AI.
Why Generative AI?
Why Generative AI?

Traditional enterprise language workflows are slow. Generative AI allows us to compress the workflow, where 90%* of user time can be saved by eliminating intermediate steps.

Generative AI empowers your teams globally
Generative AI empowers your teams globally

Combining historical preferences with real-time user prompts, LILT Create generates formatted content in a matter of seconds for users to refine and finalize. With Create, regional teams can produce content that’s tailored not only to company but also to locale.

Context from linguistic data guides content style
Context from linguistic data guides content style

Capture your brand tone and preferences with context from your linguistic assets. LILT Create pairs your large language model of choice with prompts from historical translations, termbases, and style guides.

Interactive prompts and editing enable rapid iteration
Interactive prompts and editing enable rapid iteration

Users can instantly prompt content generation with pre-specified content focus and formats. After content is generated, tweak for local relevance and fit, then finalize.


LILT Create enables

Quicker speed-to-market

Eliminate writer effort and repetitive steps of review to streamline multilingual content generation and get content in front of customers faster.

Consistent global voice

Automatically incorporate company-specific TMs and glossaries, ensuring your global brand voice and style are consistent in all regional and local content.

Local tone and relevance

Create global content that resonates with local audiences. Enable regional teams to integrate local context with your company’s message and tone.

Enterprise-grade quality

Achieve top quality using historical business context and large language models. Infusion of terminology and keywords produces fit-to-purpose content.


LILT Create by Use Case


Create captivating marketing content tailored to your audience.


Effortlessly design comprehensive L&D modules and global employee engagement program.


Craft personalized, high-converting sales messages that resonate with any audience, any industry, and any outreach strategy.


Deliver exceptional multilingual customer support, with AI-powered content that's accurate, personalized, and available in any language.


Generate accurate, contextually relevant legal content in any language, powered by AI.

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