The Best Technology

Translation is an art. The technology you wield should enable your best work. Lilt’s patented Neural Machine Translation engine augments translator productivity, while learning from your personal style.
Predictive Typing
Proofreading Tools
Built-in Termbase

One translation environment, no post-editing

  • Use the same translator-centric CAT environment across all projects. Never be asked to post-edit client MT output. Contribute ideas directly to our engineering team to improve the CAT tool.

Stable, recurring projects

  • Working within Lilt’s managed services team smoothes out project pipeline, offering more predictability for future projects. Since there’s no new technology to learn with each client, you can focus on doing what you do best.

Fast and fair payment terms

  • Waiting weeks for your compensation is unacceptable, and with Lilt, it’s a thing of the past. We pay translators within 3-5 days of project completion.

A robust translator community

  • The Lilt team proactively solicits feedback on new features and roadmap from our translator community. Our bustling Slack community helps our translator partners grow their own network and connect 1:1 with our team in Berlin and San Francisco.

Direct client interaction

Ask clients questions in Slack when necessary, and receive faster responses. We also host online meetings that connect you with the client and other fellow translators who are working on their projects.

Translator Success Stories

“The nature and world of CAT-translation is evolving and changing. I have tried many different CAT-tools by now, but I have never tried one that intelligently predicts how the translation would flow. The more you use Lilt, the better it gets to know you, and the better translations you will be able to produce. Lilt is an amazing CAT-tool I really enjoy using.”

Erika Gunnarsdóttir

Danish Translator

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