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Accelerate your model development with LILT's AI DataStudio

AI DataStudio
AI DataStudio

LILT’s AI DataStudio offers companies a scalable solution for creating high-quality data sets for multilingual natural language processing (NLP) model training.

Accelerate model development today using the same production infrastructure that Lilt uses for its own data creation and enterprise localization use cases. LILT's AI DataStudio is optimized for API-first workflows and large-scale data creation tasks in 60+ languages, including low-resource languages.

Custom built for translation
Custom built for translation

LILT offers the only data labeling platform that is specifically built for large-scale enterprise translation workflows.

The most cost effective solution
The most cost effective solution

Professional translation quality with per-word prices that average 50% less than data annotation providers and legacy language service providers, with further discounts possible based on volume and QA requirements.

Observability and fraud detection
Observability and fraud detection

The increasing prevalence of generative AI means that it is increasingly difficult to detect AI-generated text in data supply chains that can undermine the effectiveness of In-Context Learning. LILT AI DataStudio is the only data labeling solution with real-time annotator monitoring and fraud detection to ensure diversity from third-party machine translation.

Additional Features

Enterprise-grade quality

Using our proven enterprise-grade localization workflows, we guarantee high-quality data, labeled by skilled linguists.

An API-first workflow

Lilt offers a robust API infrastructure for streamlined data transfer and exchange at all workflow phases.

Custom annotation guidelines

We can with work with any specific style, terminology, and other textual requirements.

Straightforward SLAs

Clearly defined SLAs for volume and turnaround time.

Trusted by the most innovative organizations in the world

Juniper Networks
Digital Ocean
Loïc Dufresne de Virel
Intel contextual AI engine

"We wanted a more automated, more streamlined solution where the [contextual AI] engine learns and improves right as we use it. This is what the LILT solution offered us."

Loïc Dufresne de Virel
Head of Localization

Build better models with LILT's AI DataStudio today