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Security and Trust Center

The security of your translation data is our top priority

Trusted by the leading security organizations in the world


We know that your data is valuable and always has to be protected. LILT has built leading security features into every layer of the LILT Contextual AI Platform and each step of the global content production supply chain. Our transparency enables you to meet your regulatory needs while taking advantage of our platform.


Security Features

Private Server Deployment

Private Server Deployment

Deploy the LILT platform across diverse environments such as public cloud, private cloud, on-premise and bare metal.

Supply Chain Observability

Efficiently manage and monitor your content supply chain and system configurations whilst ensuring maximum data privacy.


LILT complies with all applicable privacy and security laws and meet the unique compliance needs of highly regulated industries.



We value the privacy of your data, and understand that it is essential to your organization and your customers. At LILT, we're committed to safeguarding your information at every step of the process.

National Weather Service

"It's critical that security aspects of where and how we are able to securely access tooling such as LILT or anything else, as well as how that those products manage and are trusted to manage the data which we are using."

Monica Bozeman, Physical Scientist, Automated Language Translation Lead

LILT Security FAQs

Is my data shared across customers?

If you’re not sharing data, then how do you generate translation suggestions?

Where is your data stored?

Is your data backed up?

Who do I reach out to with any questions regarding Lilt’s security?

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