[Demo 5/30] Deploying DeepL for Enterprise Use with LILT

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Multimedia Services

Engage customers across digital channels and improve accessibility with Lilt’s multimedia services


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Script localization

Translation of video transcripts, ensuring content tone, terms, and local relevance.


Quick and accurate conversion of audio/video content into written format with guide keys.


Creation of localized subtitles, integrating into video output for open and closed captions.

Script voiceover

Recording of localized voiceover tracks based on localized scripts.

Video post-editing

Audio mixing, syncing, and post-editing services to deliver go-live ready videos.

Accelerate Learning equitable and inclusive GX with language

"Enabling customers to access content in their preferred language creates an equitable and inclusive global experience for everyone involved."

Accelerate Learning equitable and inclusive GX with language
Jason Maxwell
Vice President of Curriculum Production

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