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November '22 LILT Updates

by Lilt  Han Mai, Associate Director, Demand Generation  ·  AI, Connector, Customer, News, Technology
November '22 LILT Updates

We’re so thankful to all of our customers, translators, and partners for supporting us in our mission to make the world's information accessible to everyone. This month, we shared a new case study with the US Air Force, held a global hackathon, and announced our new Helpshift Connector. Read more about what we accomplished in November.

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Customer Spotlight: US Air Force

This month, we want to highlight the success of the US Air Force, a LILT customer.  For the intelligence community, translating a massive volume of foreign content quickly with a limited pool of trained linguists is a challenge.

To address this, the USAF uses LILT's intuitive platform to increase linguist productivity by 3-4x and translation velocity by 10x.

Read more about the USAF’s success with LILT here.

2022 LILT Hackathon

Our global teams in Emeryville and Berlin had an awesome time at LILT’s Hackathon last week! We brought our creative ideas across the globe and are excited to share the results in the coming months.

Interested in joining our team? Check out our careers page.

How to Maximize Localization ROI for eLearning

Over the last two decades, eLearning has emerged as one of the biggest markets in the education industry. Now, more than ever, eLearning companies are reassessing their learning journey map on a global scale - their Global Experience (GX). We’ve compiled a list of a few basic ways to reduce costs and maximize your localization budget. Read blog post.

5 Tips to Build Your Global Business Localization Strategy

87% of multilingual customers won’t buy from an English-only website. It’s more important than ever for global enterprises to implement a business localization strategy that outshines their competitors and reaches customers in the language that they speak. Learn how.

How Translation Management Systems Can Accelerate Global Growth for Fortune 500 Companies

Growing your business into the global marketplace is the ultimate goal for many enterprise businesses. Challenges like translating for multiple languages or translating a large volume of content can be met by investing in a Translation Management System, or TMS. Learn more.

How Software Localization Services Can Help Expand Your Global Brand (+5 examples)

Software localization services adapt your current platforms to attract new users in global locations. Localizing your software means adapting not only the text, but also the UX design, units of measurement and currency, and technical capabilities for each locale. The result? A seamless and personalized customer experience accessible by all customers and prospects, regardless of their native language or locale. Learn more.

Helpshift Connector

LILT’s newest Connector with Helpshift allows customers to provide personalized customer support in the customers’ native language via live chat. Using Instant Translation, support agents can translate messages from customers and instantly respond in their language. More sensitive or complicated support questions can be routed for Verified Translation, all within the Helpshift interface. Read more about our Helpshift Connector here.

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