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Lilt GX Resource Center

Innovative companies win with Global Experience

Global Experience management begins here

Whether you're just beginning your journey or well on your way, we have the tools, tips, and tricks to help you build winning global experiences.

Global Experience Pillars

Seamless connectivity

For seamless content exchange and user empowerment

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Quality obsession

For global consistency and local relevance

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AI foundations

Measuring program performance informs future planning and management

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Continuous improvement

Performance managed to learn from previous feedback

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The GX Resource Center helps you


We define the category of Global Experience and provide thought-provoking GX content.


We help you strategize, laying foundations for scalable impact.


We share best practices to help you build and optimize your GX program.


We offer tools and training that make it easy to embed and elevate GX across your organization.

Learn about GX
Learn about GX

What is Global Experience? Why should businesses care? What impact can it have? Your GX journey begins here. Check out our unique resources for learning about GX and how transformational it can be.

Educational resources

Manage your program
Manage your program

A seamless experience for global customers can make or break a business. Explore our tools, tips, and tricks for delivering and optimize your global experience program.

Tools for success

Plan your global strategy
Plan your global strategy

A successful GX program starts with a plan. Dive in to planning and strategy guides to help you deliver a world-class program.

Planning your strategy

Advance your program
Advance your program

Global Experience requires company-wide collaboration and buy-in.

Guide your business towards better experience delivery with our tools for GX stakeholder communication and education.

Building your business case

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Marcia Metz
Iron Mountain language experience and loyalty

"Language is one of the most important ways you give global customers a great experience and build loyalty."

Marcia Metz
Vice President

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