[Demo 5/30] Deploying DeepL for Enterprise Use with LILT

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Lilt Quality Standards

Quality control you can count on.


How we uphold quality

Content review

Meticulous, detailed content review is deeply ingrained in our daily service delivery.

The Lilt Scorecard

Built in collaboration with CSA Research, our Quality Assurance model uses best practices from across the industry.

Dynamic feedback loops

Real-time customer-translator feedback loops are conducted via LILT’s Slack integration

Quality checks

Automated quality checks add an extra set of eyes for spelling, grammar, alignment, and more.

Performance insights

Measures of program performance inform future planning and management.

Continuous improvement

Our quality management framework is built on a continuous improvement model, and manages performance to learn from previous feedback.


"We've seen a dramatic increase in translation quality thanks to Lilt. Plus, they've been great partners, and their connectors really simplify the process."

Aswin Kannan
International Product Manager
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