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What is Global Experience?

GX is a new way of building and managing multilingual customer experiences

A powerful step towards customer engagement
A powerful step towards customer engagement

Global Experience (GX) is a new way of creating and deploying multilingual experiences across the global customer journey. A GX Platform combines customer experience, global touchpoints, and localization to create a single solution for the Global Enterprise. When your business works as one team - centered around your global customers and their experience - you win customers for life.

A new global standard is here to stay
A new global standard is here to stay

From working with customers, we realized that the customer experience for global customers was broken. Siloed departments were operating in different lanes, engaging with customers inconsistently across touchpoints, and delivering a poor customer experience. We knew that content in language of customer choice made information more accessible. Along the way, we discovered that availability of content in customer language not only improved access, but also provided a more consistent, seamless experience.

Global engagement, digitally
Global engagement, digitally

We are in the age of the customer, where experiences are digital by default. The customer is in control of when and where they engage, and the best experience wins. To deliver the best experiences that engage customers globally, you need your business working as one to build, deploy, and optimize phenomenal customer experiences.

Enter the Lilt Global Experience Platform


Global Experience Pillars

Seamless connectivity

For seamless content exchange and user empowerment

Quality obsession

For global consistency and local relevance

AI foundations

Measuring program performance informs future planning and management

Continuous improvement

Performance managed to learn from previous feedback

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