Our team as an extension of your team

Our Services team understands what it takes to create deeper, more meaningful customer experiences across every language - and can be a strategic partner to your business in designing, building, and refining your localization program.

Localization that's powered by people.

Quality, speed, and affordability - key elements of a successful localization program that are rarely all achieved together. With Lilt, you won't have to choose.

Lilt's service model is simple - you sign an annual contract that incorporates a simple, transparent pricing model, you send us as much content as you need translated, and we send that content back to you. We work directly with your team to understand your needs, make adjustments whenever necessary, and manage your translation workload every step of the way.

Our service model gives you everything from strategic guidance to day-to-day operational fulfillment.

Our Services team does everything from helping you gain executive buy-in for your localization program, understand best practices around localization process design and implementation, integrate with your business systems, build and maintain linguistic assets, and much, much more.

Dedicated, hands-on service focused on your success

Our experienced services team works side by side with your business to ensure your evolving localization needs are met. We source your translators and manage your translation process from beginning to end, ensuring your content is translated on-time and at the highest level of quality.

An extension of your team

Instead of trying to relay information via an endless game of telephone, we instead enable rapid iteration by giving you direct access to project managers and translators alike. That way, you can give translation and other feedback and see changes right away. We also help resolve project-related issues or answer technical support questions. Reach us by email, live chat, Slack, or on your company's preferred communication channel.

Your long-term partner in localization

Our service model is built to scale, meaning that as your localization needs grow, we grow with you. Whether that means new languages, content types, workflows, processes, integrations, and more - our team is constantly monitoring performance, offering recommendations for how to best optimize your localization program, and building new features to help you problem solve and achieve your program goals.

"We've seen a dramatic increase in translation quality thanks to Lilt. Plus, they've been great partners - they're always helpful and responsive."

Aswin Kannan

International Product Manager

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