Human quality,
machine speed

Your business is too valuable to entrust to machine translation alone. Lilt’s neural feedback loop learns in real-time from our translators and adapts to your company's tone and style, making for higher quality in half the time.

Domain specialists as global as your ambitions

We take great pride in our translator teammates. They’re experts in their fields who have worked with some of the world’s best companies to bring their products and services to market.

Enterprise-level security

All of your data are encrypted, and are never shared with anyone. We create and train all of our own machine translation systems, so you can trust the safety of your information.

Turnaround time/speed

  • Lilt’s patented technology augments human translation, increasing translation speed by 3-5x over legacy providers without any drop-off in quality. Helping your business serve more customers, reduce overall costs, and shorten your time to market.


  • Artificial Intelligence that gets smarter the more you use it. The more you use Lilt, the more speed you gain, and the more money you save.

Lilt reduces the cost of translation by 50-70%.

  • By enabling work to be completed faster, the cost of translation is lowered.


  • Lilt’s API integrates with any tool or process. There’s no need to restructure or create additional complexity. Whatever your stack -- even no stack -- we can deliver.

Customer success makes sure you’re off to a fast start.

“The Lilt team is incredibly responsive. Between their technology and excellent customer service, we’re able to get our translations to market faster than we’d ever thought possible.”

Translation is hard.
Learning from the Lilt Library is Easy.

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