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October '22 LILT Updates

by Lilt  Han Mai, Associate Director, Demand Generation  ·  AI, Connector, Customer, News, Technology
October '22 LILT Updates

Happy Fall! It’s a new season, and we have new updates from LILT. This month, we released new content on maximizing localization ROI, announced our new Connector and partnership with CaptionHub, and shared our official partnership with the National Weather Service. Read on to learn more about what we were up to this month.

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A Localized Strategy for Accelerated Enterprise Growth

Enterprises are complex ecosystems, made up of thousands (if not millions) of people, tools, and systems. Many of the world's leading companies are prioritizing expansion into new markets and countries as important levers for continued growth. Here are some questions to consider before implementing an enterprise-level localized strategy. Read now.

How AI is Breaking Down Language Barriers in Weather Service

How AI is Breaking Down Language Barriers in Weather Service

LILT’s advanced technology and strategic partnership with National Weather Service (NWS) will have a remarkable impact on weather alerting systems by translating content into new languages that NWS has never supported before. AI and automated translations will be key to addressing language inaccessibility and transforming how life-saving information is shared during extreme weather events. Read now.

CaptionHub Connector

We are excited to announce our new Connector and new partner, CaptionHub! The LILT <> CaptionHub Connector enables users to send and receive localized subtitles for their video projects directly in CaptionHub. Users can track the progress of their translation projects and review the localized text side-by-side with the source text, all within their existing CaptionHub Enterprise account. Read more about the CaptionHub Connector here.

A Transnational Strategy to Jumpstart Your Global Expansion (+ 6 Examples)

An Exceptional Transnational Strategy to Jumpstart Your Global Expansion (with 6 Examples)

An effective transnational strategy builds scalable workflows and processes that can be replicated in different markets, while also maintaining local relevance and authenticity. Here are some examples of companies that have successfully jumpstarted global expansion by thinking globally and acting locally. Read now.

Multilingual Conference & Expo Hosted By TAUS

Our Co-Founder and Chief Scientist, John DeNero, spoke on the exciting advances of neural machine translation at TAUS! Interested in learning more? Talk to our LILT specialists. Get in touch now.

How to Maximize Localization ROI for eLearning

How to Maximize Localization ROI for eLearning

As more students look to online resources as a convenient alternative to in-person education and training, it’s more important than ever for eLearning companies to provide resources, materials, and student experiences in multiple languages. Here, we'll dive into a few basic ways to reduce costs and maximize your localization budget. Read now.

LILT in the News

Axios reported on our newest partnership with the National Weather Service to improve language translations of extreme weather alerts across the U.S. Read the article here.

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