[Demo 6/26] Contentful + LILT: Your Competitive CMS Edge

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Seamless subtitling translation with our CaptionHub Connector

Expand the reach of your video content to a global audience with top-quality, brand-specific translation.

Translation simplified
Translation simplified

The LILT-CaptionHub integration allows you to send subtitles for localization directly within your CaptionHub instance.

In your existing video project, you can monitor the status of LILT translation projects and receive, review, and approve LILT translations without ever leaving CaptionHub. Review translated subtitles side-by-side with source language segments before you publish your newly localized content.

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CaptionHub + LILT are better together

Accelerate localization

LILT's native integrations supercharge translation efficiency and give you time back to focus on building exceptional global customer experiences.

Effortless translation

Skip the pain of manually transferring content for localization and start sending content to LILT from CaptionHub with just one click.

Stay in the loop

Monitor the status of projects and receive, review, and approve LILT translation projects without leaving CaptionHub.

Quality without compromise

Ensure your multilingual videos are perfect with LILT Verified Translation's industry-leading quality guarantees.

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