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Translating with LILT

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Quality you can trust
Quality you can trust

Quality obsession and best-in-class global experiences go hand in hand. With Verified Translation, human linguists translate your content with the support of the Lilt Contextual AI Platform. Verified Translation delivers localized content faster than other providers without compromising on industry-leading quality standards.

Verified Translation

Human translated

Translated by expertly trained human linguists

High quality

Carefully translated to convey truest meaning


Supported by technology with your linguistic assets


Closely checked and verified

Rapid content access
Rapid content access

When speed is of the essence, Instant Translation saves the day. With Instant Translation, LILT's Contextual AI Engine generates a localized version of your content within seconds. With 100+ supported languages, Instant Translation is the perfect way to securely and instantaneously localize content while ensuring your organization's unique stylistic preferences, terminology, and tone are incorporated.

Instant Translation

Powered by AI

Translated by Lilt's Contextual AI Engine

Constantly improving

Quality enhanced via adaptive machine learning


Populated and accessible in seconds


Designed for large volumes, quickly


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What is Verified Translation?

What is Instant Translation?

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How does Instant Translation incorporate my organization's unique content preferences?

Can you use Instant and Verified Translation together?

Jamie Denke
Neato Robotics

"Using Instant Translation, LILT imports the translations directly into my design project in seconds. That means no longer waiting weeks for translation and then having to manually cut and paste translated text once it arrives."

Jamie Denke
Senior Product Designer

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