LILT Launches Dual Method Connectors

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LILT Provides Dual Method Instant and Verified Translation in Craft, Zendesk, and Figma Connectors

San Francisco, CA - September 21, 2022 - LILT, the leading global experience platform, today announced the launch of the Craft Content Management System (CMS) Connector. This adds to Lilt's dual method Connector portfolio, which also includes Zendesk and Figma Connectors. Dual method Connectors support both Instant and Verified Translation, allowing LILT to immediately return a localized version of customer content while simultaneously sending that same content to LILT's in-house translators for localization with a quality guarantee.

Dual method Connectors provide a differentiated customer solution by offering both Instant and Verified Translation optionality, increasing the versatility of LILT's offerings. Instant Translation provides bespoke, custom-trained machine translation for localization projects when translations are needed immediately, while Verified Translation ensures quality through LILT's human-in-the-loop approach. Offering these two modes of translation through a Connector allows LILT customers to send a wider variety of content for localization within their existing business systems and workflows, empowering customers to access translations more quickly and ultimately go to market in less time.

Nearly 90% of documents translated by LILT this year have been received through Connectors. Rather than being emailed to LILT, content is pulled for translation directly from the customer's CMS, TMS, or other business system of choice via LILT Connectors. Connectors highlight the importance of streamlined, efficient access to high-quality translation on demand, enabling quicker turnaround times, higher cost savings, and reduced opportunity for manual errors.

With dual method Connectors, the LILT platform can generate a machine-translated localized version of customer content within seconds, known as Instant Translation. Instant Translation is beneficial not only for increased speed of translation but also for rapid design, prototyping, and content iteration. With 100+ supported languages, Instant Translation is the perfect way to securely and instantaneously localize content while ensuring your organization's unique stylistic preferences, terminology, and tone are incorporated into the machine translation's training and output. This method is powered by a continuously learning, customer-specific LILT Engine, which allows each customer to scale application of their linguistic data across their business systems.

"The LILT Connector for Figma has significantly improved the design process for my team," said Jamie Denke, Senior Product Designer for Neato Robotics. "Using Instant Translation, LILT imports the translations directly into my design project in seconds. That means no longer waiting weeks for translations and then having to manually cut and paste translated text once it arrives."

The demand for high-quality translation services and best-in-class global experiences go hand in hand. With the Verified Translation method of the Craft CMS Connector, LILT human linguists translate content, empowered by the LILT platform's adaptive Neural Machine Translation (NMT) technology. Verified Translation delivers localized content three to five times faster than other providers without compromising on industry-leading quality standards, as validated by LILT's ISO certifications.

"The flexibility of these two translation methods, available directly within the CMS, allow for both velocity and scale of website content localization," said Brittney Benchoff, Director of Product. "This empowers organizations to create a memorable global experience for their prospective customers regardless of what language they speak."

LILT's Craft CMS Connector and other dual method Connectors are available today for all customers. For more information about LILT and its solutions, please reach out to

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