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Accelerate translation with our Zendesk connector

Upgrade your workflow and save time by translating content directly from your knowledge base.

Comprehensive translation
Comprehensive translation

Building a global community relies on members, and prospective members, having access to knowledge and support in their preferred language. A patchworked global experience, where only a fragment of knowledge and support articles are localized, won't cut it in today's digital world.

LILT’s native integration with Zendesk allows you to automatically send content for translation directly from within Zendesk. You also decide which translation method to use for localizing your content - Instant or Verified. When translation is complete, LILT's Zendesk Connector sends the newly translated content right back into Zendesk, ready to be reviewed and published.


Zendesk is better with LILT

Simplify your localization

LILT's seamless Zendesk integration makes it easy to localize with the click of a button, so you can focus on creating content and community.

Lightning fast translations

In seconds, translate your articles so your global community has access to knowledge with LILT’s Instant Translation.

Quality without compromise

Ensure your multilingual articles are perfect with LILT Verified Translation's industry-leading quality guarantees.

View content conveniently

LILT's Zendesk integration lets you access newly translated content in your knowledge base platform before you publish.

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