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LILT's Zendesk Connector: Streamline Exceptional Customer Service with AI Translation

by Lilt  Han Mai, Associate Director, Demand Generation  ·  Industry

In today's digital world, providing multilingual support is mandatory for global enterprises to create successful customer experiences. In fact, according to a recent report, the highest impact customer touchpoint is customer support. However, only 60% of professionals believe their company effectively localizes it.

AI translation is one of the best ways to close this gap. In this blog post, we explore the benefits of using AI translation for help centers and best practices to streamline the localization process for knowledge base content. Read on to learn how to set up LILT's integration with Zendesk, a leading customer support platform, to empower your teams to effortlessly push and pull content for translation—all while ensuring the highest translation quality and working within Zendesk.

Benefits of Using AI Translation for Global Customer Support Teams

With AI translation, businesses can unlock the full potential of localization to build a global customer base. By providing knowledge and support articles in customers' preferred languages, businesses can significantly improve user satisfaction, reduce support tickets, and foster strong customer relationships.

Efficient Translation Workflow

AI translation simplifies the translation process by automatically creating and sending translation jobs whenever a new article is created or updated in Zendesk. This eliminates the need for redundant, manual tasks and saves valuable time for customer support teams. In addition, as AI translation systems continuously adapt and learn from human feedback, linguists are able to work with greater velocity and with quicker turnaround times.

Time-Saving Automation

Global customer support teams can set up periodic checks for new content in Zendesk Guide and automatically create projects for translation. Once the translation is complete, the localized content is seamlessly pushed back to Zendesk in the original document format. This automation ensures that translated articles are ready for review and publication and allows customer support teams to focus on providing excellent service rather than managing translations.

Quality without Compromise

By leveraging AI translation, global customer service teams can provide consistent customer experience regardless of language or geographical area. At Lilt, our AI-powered translations are reviewed by human linguists to make sure the accuracy and local context are well-maintained in any language or region. This ensures that your brand message, terminologies, and tone stay consistent no matter where your customer sits in the world.

Getting Started with LILT’s Zendesk Connector for AI-Powered Translation

The first step in unlocking the power of AI translation for global customer support teams is to set up LILT's Zendesk Connector workflow. LILT's Zendesk integration is powered by an advanced Contextual AI Engine, which utilizes large language models to generate highly accurate translations quickly. These AI translations are further refined by LILT's human translators, who meticulously verify the translations, focusing on accuracy and quality. With each confirmed translation segment, the engine instantly retrains and learns from Human Feedback to provide better translation predictions. This combination of machine and human intelligence guarantees the production of top-quality translated support content.

The LILT Zendesk Connector allows users to localize their support content directly within Zendesk. To suit different translation requirements, LILT offers two methods for localizing Zendesk articles.

  1. Instant Translation:
    With LILT's Contextual AI, Instant Translation allows Zendesk articles to be immediately localized into any desired language. This feature provides a machine-translated version of the content within seconds. Leveraging LILT's powerful translation technology, businesses can quickly expand their knowledge base to cater to global audiences.

  2. Verified Translation:
    For businesses seeking a human touch, Verified Translation offers a superior quality guarantee. By sending Zendesk articles to LILT's in-house translators, companies can ensure accurate and on-brand localized content. Verified Translation enhances the user experience by maintaining consistency and clarity across different languages.

    LILT's integration with Zendesk simplifies the localization process for customer support teams. Whether opting for Instant Translation or Verified Translation, businesses can easily expand their knowledge base to cater to global audiences. The seamless project creation and completion, coupled with the time-saving automation, enable efficient content localization. By leveraging LILT's powerful translation capabilities, businesses can provide exceptional multilingual support and drive customer satisfaction to new heights with a few clicks of a button.