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Seamless localization with Figma + LILT

Accelerate your design process with translation directly in Figma

Translation simplified
Translation simplified

LILT's native Figma integration makes it easy to translate your designs directly within Figma. Select one or more Figma frames, and open the LILT Plugin. Choose your source language, target language, and if applicable an associated translation memory for reference.

You also decide which translation method to use for localizing your design - Instant or Verified. When design translations are completed by LILT, they’re delivered right to the LILT Plugin for one-click import into your Figma instance.


Figma + LILT are better together

Effortless translations

The LILT Plugin for Figma makes it easy to localize with the click of a button, eliminating the need to manually export and localize designs.

Lightning fast speed

In seconds, see how readable and usable your designs are for a global audience with LILT’s Instant Translation.

Quality without compromise

Ensure your designs are perfect for the world to see with LILT Verified Translation's industry-leading quality guarantees

Convenient content and context

Collaborate with the right content and context by bringing translated designs into Figma with one-click import

Neato Robotics

"The LILT Connector for Figma has significantly improved the design process for my team. Using Instant Translation, LILT imports the translation directly into my design project in seconds. That means no longer waiting weeks for translations and then having to manually cut and paste translated text once it arrives."

Neato Robotics
Jamie Denke
Senior Product Designer

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