Combining the best translators with the best translation technology

Our global network of translators has deep domain expertise across a range of industries - so they can better serve you and be a part of your team.

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Reliable, high-quality translation you can count on

Companies use Lilt when need a partner they can trust. Our translators are domain experts who use our technology to complete your translations faster - without sacrificing an ounce of quality. They’re experts in their fields who have worked with some of the world’s best companies to bring their products and services to market.

We source translators from all over the world, vet them through a rigorous testing process, train them to be experts on our software, and then give them all the tools they need to deeply understand your company, values, brand, tone, and voice. Our powerful technology helps them do the best work of their lives faster and more efficiently, but our ability to produce the highest quality translation stems from our ability to maintain the world's best translator network.

Highly skilled, highly educated

Our top translators have decades of experience in their field, and over 94% of our translator workforce has a PhD, Masters, or Bachelors degree. Each of them has built deep expertise in certain industries, which helps them better communicate the nuances of your industry and business.

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Direct access to your translator team

We give our customers direct access to the translators that are working on their content. That way, you can easily give feedback on the work they're doing, enabling the team to iterate quickly to ensure that there are no disruptions to the localization of your content.

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Your long-term partner in localization

Our service model is built to scale, meaning that as your localization needs grow, we grow with you. Whether that means new languages, content types, workflows, processes, integrations, and more - our team is constantly monitoring performance and offering recommendations for how to best optimize your localization program.

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