The world's #1 AI-powered translation platform

The Lilt Platform vertically integrates the entire localization supply chain - for faster turnaround times, higher quality, and lower costs.

The Lilt Platform is built with AI and automation at its core.

The Lilt Platform gives you faster, better, and more affordable translation by bringing together the world's best human translators and making them more efficient than ever with technology. Our platform is built for the enterprise - leveraging automation at every step to save time and seamlessly integrating with your existing workflows.

Maximize translator productivity with our CAT Tool

Our CAT Tool enables translators to work faster and more efficiently than ever. It comes with a modern, easy-to-use interface, hotkeys to increase speed, seamless use of translation memories, access to style guides, termbases, and lexicons, in-document commenting - and much more.

Leverage the power of Neural Machine Translation

Our NMT engine enables translators to work 3-5 times faster than before. Unlike most MT systems, there is no post-editing involved. Instead, the NMT engine provides translation suggestions which can be accepted, amended, or rejected. Because the translator has the final say on every single word, translation quality remains high.

Streamline workflows with our enterprise Translation Management System

The Lilt TMS is built for the enterprise. It enables you to understand all of your organization's translation projects, assign translators and reviewers, track progress, manage translation memories and other linguistic assets, track key metrics, and much more.

“Lilt’s AI-powered translation services helped us reduce translation costs by 40%."

Loïc Dufresne de Virel

Head of Localization

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