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Strategies for Successful Enterprise Adoption: Webinar Recap

by   Han Mai, Demand Generation Lead  ·  Webinar

The world of content creation and localization is rapidly evolving, and AI is playing an increasingly important role in streamlining the process. Last week, we hosted the second webinar, Strategies for Successful Enterprise Adoption, of our AI Day series to cover a discussion on AI in the enterprise, the launch of LILT's new generative AI product called LILT Create, and insights from industry leaders on global collaboration, communication, and content creation.

Session 1 | Prioritizing Quality AND Quantity: Enhancing Accuracy in AI Translation

Led by LILT CEO Spence Green and Senior Product Manager Sarah Sandberg, the first session emphasized the potential of AI-driven tools to revolutionize content creation and localization workflows by cutting down time-consuming translation processes and significantly improving the fluency and local relevance of content.

Our team revealed the launch of LILT Create—a new generative AI product that enables users to generate content in multiple languages up to 90% faster than traditional methods. Following the announcement, the speakers went through a live demo of the product and other key features, such as model-building components, data management functionality, observability, and integration with other enterprise systems.

“Today, we're adding the fifth application into our platform, which we call Create. And what Create does is exactly what I showed in the previous slide, which it allows you to generate content directly in language, pulling from your content database, and then giving you a really simple UI where you can edit this text.

So what this does is it allows you to generate content up to 90% faster because you don't have to go through this whole enterprise localization workflow. It is going to be aligned and on-brand because we use the same quality frameworks that we use for the Verified translation workflow and all of the linguistic assets that end up in the content database. So it pulls from that when it's generating.” - Spence Green | CEO at LILT

Session 2 | From Good to Great: How to Ensure Accurate In-Context Translation with AI

The second session highlighted the importance of agility and flexibility in content creation workflows with AI technology. As enterprises continue to adopt AI, the need to build the right infrastructure is becoming increasingly important in order to make the most of AI tools in content creation.

Edwin Hoogerbeets, Senior Globalization Engineer at Box, shared his experience with Allison Yarborough, Chief of Staff at LILT, with leveraging LILT's AI translation technology to enhance their localization program and highlighted the importance of being able to adapt and react quickly to the rapid pace of technological advancements in the AI space, saying, "I think that the flexibility I was looking for is that I had to be ready to deliver, essentially any level of quality in any amount of time."

Session 3 | Creating Future-Ready Leaders: Delivering High-Quality Results Every Time

"We didn't really waste any time or effort with [localization] because of the way that Lilt is designed. All of this work that my product leaders did, that Lilts’ linguist did, all of this was being captured. Stroke keystroke by keystroke to fine-tune our model so that by today, I'm in a much better position than I would've been with a different, more traditional LSP because at the time that I was shopping for vendors, and really exploring the market, a lot of what I would hear … we can't really even talk about customization yet until you've accumulated X number of translation units… Some of them were telling me two years—two years before we could even start talking about customized models.

With LILT from day one, even though I didn't know exactly how I might be using it today or when I would need to, to flex those options. I've been ready to do so at every step just because we've been building towards this through the capabilities of the LILT platform." - Zac Westbrook | Associate Director, Content Localization at ExecOnline, Inc.

The last session followed a conversation with Zach Westbrook, Associate Dr, Content Localization from Exec Online, and Morgan Raymond, Sales Manager from LILT, on creating future-ready leaders and delivering high-quality results. They highlighted how AI tools, such as LILT Create, are enabling enterprises to generate content directly in the target language, cutting down time-consuming translation processes and significantly improving the fluency and local relevance of content.

Zach shared his experience of partnering with LILT to optimize their content localization processes using AI-driven translation technology. He mentioned the importance of being prepared for the rapid advancements in AI and how they are changing the way organizations approach localization.


All in all, the webinar provided a great opportunity to gain valuable insights into the potential of AI-driven content creation and localization workflows. By leveraging AI technology, enterprises can significantly improve their agility and flexibility, optimize content creation, and ensure brand consistency across different languages and markets.

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