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Lilt Subprocessors

Lilt Subprocessors

Last Revised: 23 March 2022

“Sub-processor” means any third-party data Processor engaged by Lilt or by other companies in Lilt’s group of companies to process Personal Data. Capitalized terms are defined in the Lilt Master Services Agreement and/or Data Processing Addendum or applicable data privacy laws. The following is a list of the current sub-processors listed in the format of sub-processor name, purpose, location, website:

6Sense; Account engagement platform; USA; 6sense.com

Atlassian; Service management software development; USA; atlassian.com

Dropbox; File storage service; USA; dropbox.com

Drift; Conversational sales and marketing platform; USA; drift.com

Front; Customer communication system; USA; front.com

Fullstory; Product user interface analytics; USA; fullstory.com

Functional Software (Sentry); Application crash and error reporting; USA; sentry.io   

Google Cloud Platform; Cloud computing services; USA; cloud.google.com

Google Workspace; Corporate email, office apps, and file storage; USA; google.workspace.com

GitHub; Code versioning service; USA; github.com

Gong; Sales and customer service analytics; USA; gong.io

Hubspot; Marketing automation database; USA; hubspot.com

LeadIQ; Outbound lead prospecting service; USA; leadiq.com

LinkedIn Sales Navigator; Sales prospecting and insight service; USA; linkedin.com

Microsoft Office; Corporate email and office apps; USA; microsoft.com

Notion; Project management and note-taking software; USA; notion.so

Netsuite; Finance management software; USA; netsuite.com

Orca Security; Cloud security; USA; orca.security

Outreach; Sales engagement platform; USA; outreach.io

Productboard; Product management service; USA; productboard.com

Salesforce; Customer relationship management; USA; salesforce.com

Sendgrid; Email delivery service; USA; sendgrid.com

Slack; Instant messaging system; USA; slack.com

Stitch; Data analytics; USA; stitchdata.com

Tableau; Cloud service provider; USA; tableau.com

Zendesk; Customer communication system; USA; zendesk.com

Zoominfo; Marketing platform; USA; zoominfo.com 

Lilt Group Subprocessor

The following entity is part of the Lilt group of companies and is considered a sub-processor who assists with providing services to Lilt Technologies Limited. Subprocessor is listed in the format of sub-processor name, purpose, location, website.

Lilt, Inc.; Translation services; USA; lilt.com

Lilt GmbH; Translation services; Germany; lilt.com