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Improving the Air Force's Global Awareness and Decision Advantage

LILT's intuitively designed platform amplifies linguist productivity and reduces USAF linguist onboarding time from months to hours.
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Foreign Technical Documentation

Use Case

Foreign Technical Documentation


Needed an innovative solution to translate massive volumes of content quickly and accurately


LILT's intuitive platform increased linguist productivity by 3-4x and translation velocity by 10x

USAF's Challenge

The rate of global data creation is increasing exponentially, with 2.5 quintillion bytes of data added to repositories around the world each day. For the intelligence community, translating a massive volume of foreign content quickly with a limited pool of trained linguists is a challenge. Not meeting this challenge means reduced decision advantage and threats to national and global security.

User-Friendly Platform

To address these challenges, LILT swiftly onboarded this USAF unit’s team into a two-step workflow. Compared to past programs, the LILT Contextual AI Platform was intuitive and easy to learn, resulting in a more than 50% reduction in overall linguist ramp time.

The unit's Translation Program Manager shared how straightforward LILT's platform was relative to past translation solutions: “Every single linguist said how easy it is to use the LILT tool. Every other program required a 300-page manual, a three-day training, and at least a month of ramp time."

Translation Productivity Gains

Using machine translation, non-linguists are able to quickly identify high-value content to send for human-verified translation by USAF linguists. Using LILT's predictive CAT tool, linguists then translate with efficiency and precision. This allows these specialized intelligence professionals to spend their time on the high-impact mission work where their focus is most needed.

Our team completed more translation work in 4 months with LILT than the previous 2 years.

Translation Program Manager

United States Air Force

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