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Quality Built constructs its localization program with LILT

Quality Built scales localization to get to market faster than ever

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Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Fort Lauderdale, FL





Needed a partner to help build a localization program to translate high volumes of content at scale


A scalable localization strategy that gets to market quickly and with high translation quality


The world has become more globally connected in recent years than ever before. Local businesses no longer simply cater to local markets. The result? The way that companies, employees, and customers interact with one another is drastically different than even just a few years ago.

While companies need to ensure that global customers are able to engage with their brand, it’s equally as important to make sure that multilingual employees have access to the same company information, regardless of the language they speak. These days, more and more employees speak different languages and come from backgrounds far beyond the borders of their countries of employment. In fact, 90% of US companies have employees that speak languages other than English. 

A True Need for Translation

The construction industry is especially familiar with this trend. Many construction sites these days are multilingual, with workers speaking English, Spanish, and a mix of other languages as well. However, if companies aren’t prepared to properly support multilingual employees, the language gap can create challenges, especially on-site.

That’s exactly what Eric Searcy, VP of Digital Media, and the team at Quality Built are trying to solve.

A lot of workers don’t speak English, so when they get to a construction site, they often aren’t able to get the same understanding of the rules and protocols. If they don’t know where they’re allowed to be and where they’re not, it can be dangerous.

Eric Searcy

VP of Digital Media

Using a network of professionals backed by their proprietary industry-leading software, Quality Built is transforming the way construction sites are inspected, trained, and run as efficiently as possible. With over 25 years of on-the-ground data and experience, the company is able to help their customers mitigate risk across a wide range of areas.

Mitigating Risk Through Language Accessibility

One of the primary focuses for Eric and his team at Quality Built is ensuring that training materials are kept up to date and available. Since all of these materials need to be multilingual so all workers can understand them, localization is a key piece to business success.

“Everyone at a job site needs to be able to understand the training materials, no matter the topic. Since much of the industry speaks Spanish, translation is vital for us to be able to get trainings out to everyone on-site,” said Eric.

Without localization, many on-site workers would not be able to understand the important guidelines, instructions, and safety protocols for the area. Aside from a poor, fragmented experience, a lack of training is a serious safety concern that Quality Built is working to eliminate. With localization, however, Quality Built is working to ensure that every construction professional is equipped with the knowledge to perform current best practices and follow workplace standards.

Constructing a Long-Term Localization Solution

Before partnering with LILT, Quality Built didn’t have a true system in place to translate any content.

“All of our content was only built in English. But once it got out to the workers out in the field, if they didn’t speak English, there was no way for them to understand the trainings," Eric said. "That was a major problem.”

That’s when Eric and team realized they needed a real localization process in place. How were they going to be able to translate their growing volume of content and get it into the field quickly?

The focus for us was finding a way to have translation done quickly and at the highest quality. Since working with LILT, everything has been top notch.

Eric Searcy

VP of Digital Media

After kicking off their partnership with LILT, Quality Built has been able to deliver multilingual trainings faster than ever. As they didn’t have a process in place before, they looked to LILT for guidance on establishing a localization workflow and support as they looked to scale.

Improvements at Every Turn

Since getting started with LILT, Quality Built has been able to get localization done quickly.

“Getting started was very straightforward, there weren’t any bumps in the road. Once we got organized and on the platform, things just worked.”

Now, Eric is more confident knowing the LILT team is able to help him complete the localization process seamlessly and support Quality Built at every turn.

The productivity improvements and the amazing communication have been two things that have really helped to make our lives a lot easier throughout the entire localization process. Knowing that we can reach out and get answers from the Lilt team when we need is a lifesaver.

Eric Searcy

VP of Digital Media

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