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Reshaping NAMI's Global Experience Through Connectors and Improved Workflows

LILT’s integrations empower NAMI and PINT to improve translation processes and turnaround times to better serve growing mental health communities.
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1,001 - 5,000

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Arlington, VA

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Non-Profit Organization


Needed a partner that could improve global experience workflows and help translate content quickly to help get to market faster than ever


Using LILT's Connectors, NAMI was able to work within its existing systems and translate quickly and with the quality they needed.


In today’s online world, the most important customer touchpoints are digital. Digital content, such as blogs, websites, and support centers, allow companies and organizations to reach and engage with global audiences faster and easier than ever before. Though some companies have internal resources to ensure that all of those touchpoints are optimized and multilingual, many turn to outside agencies to help tackle those challenges.

That’s where PINT, a web development and technical consulting agency, steps in. PINT has worked with some of the world’s largest companies and organizations to help strategize and innovate to make sure their websites are modernized and optimized.

One of their clients, the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), came to them for development assistance. One project they were tasked with was ensuring that NAMI’s website was localized for its many global audiences.

With one in five adults experiencing a mental illness, millions of Americans struggle to receive the proper attention and treatment needed for their care. And since mental health issues affect people of all cultures and languages, it became a strategic priority to ensure that NAMI’s digital programs, resources, and customer experiences are inclusive of its multilingual communities. Today, PINT’s partnership with NAMI focuses on bridging this gap with accessible and online mental health resources and content.

Rethinking a Fragmented and Time-Consuming Workflow

Language is key to ensuring NAMI’s critical resources are accessible to a greater community of people. However, localization is a complex process — and oftentimes, outdated and unnecessarily complicated. A lack of automation and a mix of systems create a clunky, fragmented, and time-consuming workflow for development teams.

It’s extremely important that our resources can serve all of our communities, regardless of what language they speak. That’s why modernizing NAMI’s global customer experience with language requires care and cost-efficiency.

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However, from exporting spreadsheets to manually populating translations back and forth within content management systems, NAMI and its website development agency, PINT, found themselves stuck in a tedious and time-intensive process. 

Streamlining NAMI’s Localization Process with Cost-Efficient Technology

When searching for a partner to modernize NAMI’s global experience, PINT’s top criteria were translation speed and cost efficiency. When they came across LILT and learned more about its features and benefits, it became the standout option.

LILT was a good choice for NAMI’s needs. With the help of its connectors, we are able to translate content quickly. It’s faster, easier, and more efficient.

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Using LILT’s integration with WordPress, PINT can now easily import thousands of files from NAMI’s content library and export them into usable data formats that speed up and streamline their development process. As NAMI and PINT continue to refocus the digital customer experience with language and technology, their partnership with LILT will play a key role in making their content accessible to a wide variety of audiences. 

Looking Towards the Future

Currently, with the help of PINT’s development team and LILT’s technology, NAMI is increasing the number of languages across its content and resource hub. With so much content to translate for a growing audience, NAMI is not slowing down.

As we look ahead, there’s a lot to do for our growing audiences. Tackling this translation work with PINT and LILT as partners makes the process a lot easier and allows us to get our translated content published faster than before.

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