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Law Enforcement Agency Leverages LILT in Criminal Investigations

A European law enforcement agency translates high volumes of evidentiary material in low-resource languages with LILT.



Law Enforcement


Law Enforcement

Evidence in Criminal Investigations

Use Case

Evidence in Criminal Investigations


Needed a dynamic solution to translate high volumes of content in low-resource languages within tight time constraints


LILT's predictive models enabled faster translation of time-sensitive information at scale

The Agency's Challenge

A major European law enforcement agency collects high volumes of evidence written in low-resource foreign languages. Unfortunately, time limitations set for investigation and evidence admissibility, coupled with a limited pool of linguists available for translation, have added constraints, potentially threatening their ability to prosecute criminals.

LILT's Solution

LILT’s AI-powered platform has prevented resource issues from limiting the agency's effectiveness in stopping crime by deploying a versatile workflow of “at desk” tools. Non-linguists work autonomously, using machine translation (MT) to triage a variety of documents for high-value content, including sending bulk translations through their API. Linguists can then focus their time and skills on translating evidentiary documents using LILT’s predictive CAT tool. This workflow has been deployed in major operations, aiding in hundreds of criminal arrests and confiscation of illegal drugs and weapons.

Dynamic Translations with a Continuously Learning Model

The LILT adaptive machine learning models are constantly improving, as content is reviewed and linguists provide their input. As a result, LILT’s dynamic translation tools keep up with ever-changing colloquial language across social media and other crucial content sources.

An Empowering Team Solution

LILT deployed a multi-faceted workflow with applications for linguists and non-linguists alike, allowing each team to work autonomously and make the most of their unique skill set to drive ultimate efficiency in time-sensitive situations.

Reliably Faster Translation Turnaround Times

LILT's predictive, AI-powered platform and bulk translation capabilities allow for a large amount of evidence to be translated rapidly using machine translation, ensuring critical evidence is translated and reviewed in time.

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