[Demo 5/30] Deploying DeepL for Enterprise Use with LILT

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Accelerate global launches with Phrase TMS + LILT

Set the global standard by adding LILT translation to your existing workflows

Translation simplified
Translation simplified

LILT's native Phrase integration transforms your translation management system into an end-to-end mission control center for all of your localization work.

With one click you can send translation projects to LILT directly from Phrase. In real time you can monitor the status of LILT translation projects and receive, review, and approve LILT translations without ever leaving Phrase. The Connector can also update your Phrase translation memories as LILT translates projects to continuously increase the accuracy and utility of your translation ecosystem.


Better Together

Accelerate localization

LILT's native integrations supercharge translation efficiency and give you time back to focus on building exceptional global customer experiences.

Effortless translations

Skip the pain of manually transferring content for localization and start sending content to Lilt from Phrase with just one click.

Stay in the loop

Monitor the status of projects and receive, review, and approve Lilt translation projects without leaving Phrase.

Enhance the ecosystem

Lilt's Connector can automatically send updated translation memories to Phrase to continuously enhance your translation ecosystem.

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