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Track your Lilt projects with our Jira integration

Automate ticketing of Lilt projects in Jira, allowing you to monitor project progress right within your Jira instance.

Oversee your Lilt projects with ease
Oversee your Lilt projects with ease

Lilt's natively-built integration with Jira makes it easy for you to manage and track your Lilt projects right from within your Jira instance. The integration automatically creates a ticket in Jira when a new project is created in Lilt, populating detailed ticket information including project name, status, assignments, documents, and more. Lilt's integration with Jira also allows you to create tasks within a project for tracking purposes and assign issues directly to Lilt for additional revisions.

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Simplify your localization

Streamline your project management and oversight so you can focus on creating new content.

Make oversight effortless

Skip the hassle of multi-platform project management, putting project oversight at your fingertips in your own Jira instance.

Automate ticket capture

Automatically populate new project tickets, increasing data accuracy and access to information.

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