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Seamlessly localize your content with GitHub + LILT

Save time with the powerful and flexible translation solution that matches your GitHub workflow.

Translation your way
Translation your way

LILT's native integration with GitHub makes translating your GitHub files effortless. With the industry’s most flexible configuration options, and in-house system design experts that set you up for success, the LILT GitHub Connector delivers the perfect translation for every workflow. Use your existing GitHub repositories, and automatically send new files from GitHub to LILT to be translated. You control which translation method to use for localizing your files – Instant, Verified, or Instant + Verified. When translation is complete, LILT sends your newly localized files back into GitHub as a pull request to be approved and published. The LILT GitHub Connector is ready to deliver whether you want to localize the XML and JSON files in your application repository with guaranteed accuracy, translate the Markdown files in your technical documentation repository instantaneously, or build any global experience imaginable.

Simplify your localization

Simplify your localization

Lilt's seamless integrations help you streamline your translation projects so you can focus on writing new code and building new programs.

Make translation efficient

LILT's GitHub connector lets you skip the inconvenience of manually transferring content back and forth between platforms.

View content conveniently

LILT's GitHub integration allows you to access newly translated content in your code repository before you share.

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