Unlocking Multilingual Content Generation in Contentful

by   Michael Nevitt, Senior Product Marketing Manager  ·  Connector

As global enterprises prepare for the future of work, developing an AI strategy is critical to maintain a competitive edge. Incorporating automation to optimize team workflows can unlock meaningful productivity and innovation gains. Strategically deploying AI tools enables content creators to streamline the content creation and review processes, freeing up additional time for strategic decision-making, creativity, and new content development editing, areas where their skills provide the highest value.

This month, LILT is excited to announce the latest capability we are bringing to Contentful customers: the LILT Create integration, redefining the way that content teams generate multilingual content for global markets. For years, LILT has enabled Contentful users to send original website content for AI-enabled, quality-guaranteed Verified Translation and Instant Translation, delivered in seconds, through the LILT-Contentful Connector. Now, with LILT Create, LILT’s multilingual generative AI tool, users can generate content in any supported language, directly within Contentful.

This latest update to the LILT-Contentful Connector enables teams to build a strategic, efficient global content production strategy using the resources available to them. When source content is not already available, content creators utilizing generative AI through LILT Create can create original multilingual content right where they typically draft all of their website content. Because LILT specializes in brand-specific translation, users can effortlessly generate enterprise-grade content across any number of languages with a single prompt. This new streamlined workflow drastically accelerates global content creation in partnership with regional marketing teams, outpacing traditional translation and content publishing workflows.

LILT Create enables content creators to choose their preferred LLM and seamlessly incorporate company-specific prompt data such as translation memories, glossaries, and style guides, ensuring a consistent brand voice across regional content. From creating blog posts to webpage headlines, content creators can use a series of Generative AI prompts, specifying SEO keywords, tone, length, preferred sections, and more, to craft their perfect content. Once content is generated, regional content teams can easily edit to infuse any additional local context into their content to ensure it resonates with their relevant audience before publication.

With an accessible, user-friendly interface in the LILT-Contentful Connector, content creators can utilize generative AI to deliver compelling, culturally resonant content to engage diverse audiences while preserving their unique brand identity.

For exclusive access to LILT Create in the LILT-Contentful Connector, request a free trial here.