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Mirion Deepens Engagement with Global Customers

With LILT’s AI solution, multilingual content creation is seamless
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Needed a partner that could deploy AI to manage the scale, velocity, and quality required for their global content strategy.


In partnership with LILT, Mirion has successfully translated its entire website (more than 1.5 million words) into three key languages for its business.


In a dynamic and changing world, new and transformative solutions are essential to address some of the most pressing challenges. Mirion is at the forefront of innovation in two critical global conversations: the future of clean energy and increasing the safety and efficacy of radiation in medical care. As a leading producer of radiation safety technologies, Mirion is dedicated to enabling safer nuclear power production, thereby supporting global energy production and carbon neutrality while protecting workers throughout the nuclear industry. 

Mirion’s impact has also recently expanded into the medical markets with Mirion Medical, which focuses on improving healthcare delivery and safety. Inspired by both practitioners and patients, Mirion Medical develops advanced technology to enhance lives. Through these endeavors, Mirion aims to minimize risks and maximize opportunities in crucial areas.

Ultimately, in collaboration with their customers, Mirion empowers innovations that deliver vital protection and harness the transformative potential of ionizing radiation, shaping a sustainable future for the world.

Why Mirion chose LILT

Mirion is a truly global company, with facilities in 12 countries around the world. To deepen their engagement with current and future customers worldwide, the Mirion team wanted to provide an end-to-end web experience in their customers’ preferred languages.

Translating the website was important to improve the customer experience. We can better engage with customers, reach more people, and allow the experience in each locale to be more familiar.

Jess Lawson

Lead Product Designer, UX at Mirion

Previously, they had relied on individual microsites for each country page, usually managed and manually translated by the in-country teams. This decentralized strategy often led to inconsistencies across pages, challenges tracking whether localized content was up-to-date, and the additional burdens of managing the technical specifications of each page. Working with legacy localization vendors compounded these challenges with processes that required the team to manually upload and download content, leading to workflow confusion and unnecessary tasks for an already busy team.

Recognizing the need for a more efficient approach, the team decided that it was time to replace this time-consuming process with a more streamlined and automated strategy. They found LILT, the complete enterprise language platform for multimodal content translation and generation. LILT’s Connector-forward approach and Contextual AI proved to the team that they had finally found the right partner for the job, enabling them to deploy AI instantly to accelerate their translation workflows.

An easy low-burden workflow

Their previous localization workflow was fraught with redundant steps, making it not only time-consuming for a team already managing several high-priority projects but also more prone to errors. Lauren Lucibello, Mirion’s Web Technical Product Owner, explained, “Before I would have to export a CSV, clean it up, and customize it for the tool we are importing into. Now, with LILT, it is so much easier to make small or large changes. It is a much more seamless process now than it used to be.”

This smooth workflow is made possible by LILT’s Connectors. With 60+ integrations with various business systems, any tech stack can be made multilingual. LILT integrates directly with Craft CMS, Mirion’s preferred CMS, enabling their team to send content directly to LILT for Verified Translation with just a few clicks. As LILT linguists translate submitted projects, the Mirion team can track their status within the Connector UX. Once projects are complete, they are returned to Craft CMS, where they can be reviewed in context and published directly onto the site. 

To capture regional specificities and ensure complete brand alignment in this new streamlined web translation workflow, Mirion’s global employees also act as customer reviewers. Working directly in the Contextual AI Platform, in-country teams review translated content in their native language. During the website translation project, the team prioritized the top 100 most visited pages by Mirion employees for review to maximize their impact. Reviewer feedback is shared directly with linguists to inform future translation and also used to train their company’s Contextual AI Engine.

This workflow is enabled by the intuitive Customer Review experience in the LILT Platform. Previous tools had been challenging for the regional team to adopt due to overly technical or distracting UX. With LILT, the team is not only actively using the tool but also training new reviewers themselves.

Getting the review team onboarded and actually in the tool was so easy. Everyone picked it up and completely understood what was going on. The last tool could be overwhelming for people without technical experience. With LILT, it has been so easy and fast for them to make changes.

Lauren Lucibello

Web Technical Product Owner at Mirion

AI-enabled scale and human-guaranteed quality

Together, LILT and Mirion have built a digital, multilingual experience for customers at scale. Contextual AI has enabled the team to translate their entire website, more than 1.5 million words, into their three key languages, French, German, and Japanese, to reach customers in these target markets. 

After the Mirion team sends content from their website for localization through their Craft CMS Connector, skilled linguists review to ensure quality and interact with translation suggestions in the LILT Platform. As they work, Mirion’s unique Contextual AI Engine learns from the feedback, instantly updating future suggestions. This process fine-tunes Mirion’s unique Language Model (LLM), ensuring all future translations align with their preferred style and voice. Over time, LILT’s AI-driven approach enhances translator speed and minimizes opportunities for errors, making complex projects, like Mirion’s website localization, possible.

Human-only translation for the website was going to take time and resources. LILT’s AI was able to step in and help with the large number of words we were translating. AI was key in making sure that the translation was done effectively, efficiently, and within the timeline.

Lauren Lucibello

Web Technical Product Owner at Mirion

Working with LILT’s AI, Mirion was able to complete this high-impact project, achieving the necessary scale without sacrificing quality.

What’s next for Mirion?

Looking ahead, the Mirion team is enthusiastic about further deepening their regional engagement with both existing and new customers through their partnership with LILT. The natural collaboration between the two teams and meticulous project management provided by Mirion’s dedicated account team at LILT makes the company’s expanded reach possible. Jess shared, "we are excited to help more people worldwide with radiation safety and measurement solutions."

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