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Greenhouse Expands Its Global Brand Reach with LILT

LILT’s Connector-driven approach, Contextual AI, and QA deliver streamlined translation without sacrificing quality
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501 - 1,000

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Needed a higher quality, on-brand translation with a streamlined, AI-driven workflow.


Together, LILT and Greenhouse have translated website and blog content to reach audiences in 3 different markets with Greenhouse’s unique company story with ease and a quality guarantee.


The future of work is a topic that's hard to avoid these days, and for good reason. The workplace is changing faster than ever before. The COVID-19 pandemic pushed remote work into the mainstream. Further, workers increasingly report looking for jobs that really matter to them, while companies strive to foster more inclusive cultures. On top of that, artificial intelligence has been increasingly adopted by firms across industries, streamlining processes and freeing up time for teams to focus on strategic tasks. In the wake of these shifts, building a culture that prioritizes innovation, collaboration, and a dedication to empowering individuals has never been more crucial.

Greenhouse, the all-together hiring platform, is powering every company to navigate the ever-changing landscape of work with confidence. Offering dynamic hiring solutions from sourcing to onboarding, Greenhouse incorporates AI technology to improve efficiency, speed, and equity in the recruitment process. By providing a comprehensive solution within one platform, Greenhouse facilitates collaboration among teams, propelling the companies of the future to success. 

Why Greenhouse Chose LILT

To effectively reach and support companies in the three global markets where Greenhouse operates, a high-impact translation solution was needed to support their expanding business. Senior Digital Producer Zaire Fletcher elaborates, “Having localized content in specific regions is important to our business. Greenhouse has global teams and needs to be able to speak to these global markets. Being able to serve up content that's relevant to those regions is critical to growing our business in those areas.”

Their previous translation vendor and workflow required time-consuming steps of uploading and downloading content for translation and delivered translated content that did not always align with Greenhouse’s preferred brand terminology. As the Greenhouse team started a search for a new translation partner, they had three key priorities: faster speed to market with more efficient deliveries, higher quality translation written in their unique brand voice, and an easier, streamlined workflow to save their team time.

With its Connector-forward approach and Contextual AI, LILT checked all of these boxes. 

Maintaining unique brand voice across all languages

High-impact translation requires more than just accuracy – it needs to be able to tell a company’s story in its unique voice using region-specific vocabulary. Achieving this balance efficiently is no small feat. 

LILT’s innovative Contextual AI-driven approach has ensured that Greenhouse’s marketing and website content retains its unique and specific brand voice, whether published in American English, British English, or German. 

Once content is ready for localization for a different locale, the Greenhouse team can easily send their content to LILT directly from within their preferred CMS with just a few clicks. From there, skilled LILT linguists review the translation prompts generated by Greenhouse’s custom LILT Contextual AI Engine. Their live feedback trains this bespoke Contextual AI Engine in real time, improving the quality and brand alignment of translation over time. 

For the Greenhouse team, the difference in quality was immediately noticeable. Following a comparison between LILT initial translation and those of their past vendor, Zaire described LILT's quality performance in four simple words:

It sounds like us.

Zaire Fletcher

Senior Digital Producer at Greenhouse

Custom quality assurance workflow for guaranteed quality

To ensure that translation not only meets stringent quality and brand standards but adheres to formatting, design, and publishing standards, LILT and Greenhouse have established a rigorous QA program.

Expanding content into new languages can present new challenges. For instance, German words are typically around 30% longer on average than English words, and significantly longer for technical and legal terminology. As any graphic designer or web developer can attest, these differences pose challenges when designing a website or a content template that accommodates multiple languages. 

To address these potential challenges, translated content undergoes an in-context review on the Greenhouse website, after being sent back to Greenhouse’s Craft CMS instance via the Connector. Together, LILT linguists and members of the Greenhouse team conduct a thorough visual and linguistic QA to ensure accuracy and proper formatting across webpages. 

The process is now pretty seamless. QA is so important to Greenhouse and brand integrity, ensuring that everything looks as it's supposed to look.

Tanya Granados

Website Content Manager at Greenhouse

Embracing shared people-first values

Greenhouse’s company ethos is built around a culture of belonging, and for their team, it is crucial to work with partners who value collaboration.

Together, LILT and Greenhouse have continuously improved and refined their localization strategy and workflow to drive results for their international marketing efforts. Greenhouse values how the LILT partnership has constantly evolved to meet them where they are in their localization and AI journey. The teams stay in constant communication, leveraging Greenhouse’s preferred communication platform, Slack, for instant alerts when jobs are automatically delivered back into their CMS and bespoke dashboards to track key business metrics. 

Our partnership with LILT is really a full partnership. It is really hard to have this with teams outside of the organization. It does not feel like LILT is outside of our organization. They feel like a true partner and an extension of our marketing team.

Tanya Granados

Website Content Manager at Greenhouse

What’s Next?

As Greenhouse continues to support companies around the world, they have incorporated new AI features into their products to help their customers work faster and more efficiently. As they empower their customers to hire more efficiently with AI-driven technology, they recognize the value of incorporating AI products, like LILT, into their overall company strategy. By incorporating LILT into their marketing workflow, Greenhouse is well poised to achieve the scale and efficiency necessary for sustained international growth in the UK and DACH regions. 

With a continued dedication to innovation, Greenhouse is set to continue to revolutionize hiring globally.

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