Breaking Down Silos: Building a Unified AI Content Platform for Your Enterprise

by Lilt  Lucas Kim, Marketing Associate  ·  AI

Breaking Down Silos: Building a Unified AI Content Platform for Your Enterprise

Do you ever feel like your enterprise content program is stuck in the dark ages? Many businesses undervalue their data, relying on a patchwork of systems and vendors that ultimately hinder their ability to adapt and grow.

The Problem: Scattered Data and Fragmented Workflows

Let's consider a common scenario. You, like many content program managers, are committed to using best-in-class solutions. This might involve multiple translation management systems (TMS), quality control tools, and a network of vendors for translation and review.

However, this seemingly diverse approach creates significant challenges:

  • Data Silos:

    Critical data, including valuable human feedback, gets scattered across different systems. Reconciling and analyzing this information becomes difficult, if not impossible.

  • Vendor Lock-in:

    Outsourcing translation often involves sending your data to external systems, losing control and observability over it. This hinders effective model training and improvement.

  • Data Sharing Concerns:

    Many vendors retain and potentially mix your data with content from other clients for training public cloud AI. This raises privacy and security concerns.

  • Rapid AI Evolution:

    AI models are constantly evolving. Staying on top necessitates frequently updating multiple systems and vendors, creating a logistical nightmare.

The Challenge of Scaling AI in Enterprises

A recent McKinsey report highlights this very challenge in their report, "Generative AI's productivity promise: Huge potential, but most have not yet reached scaled impact" [1]. This report acknowledges the immense potential of AI to revolutionize workflows but also identifies the difficulty most organizations face in achieving large-scale adoption due to fragmented data infrastructure and complex integration needs.

The Solution: LILT's AI-powered Content Platform

LILT recognizes enterprise content as more than just text. It's the embodiment of your brand - the expression of your unique identity, products, and services. Your daily content creation holds immense value for training AI models that will become co-pilots or even agents in future content generation and translation workflows.

This core insight forms the foundation of LILT's platform:

  • Centralized Data:

    All your data resides in one secure location, granting you complete control and visibility.

  • Cutting-Edge AI Integration:

    Connect with the latest model providers, seamlessly integrating them with your data for powerful AI training.

  • Orchestration Layer:

    Leverage the power of your existing TMS and combine it with trained models and centralized data. This agile "on-top" approach creates a future-proof workflow that readily integrates state-of-the-art AI.

Why Choose LILT?

By adopting LILT's AI solution, you gain a future-proofed content program with several key advantages:

  • Scalability:

    Adapt and grow effortlessly with a centralized data platform that scales alongside your content needs.

  • Efficiency:

    Streamline your workflow and productivity with a post-TMS approach that integrates seamlessly with your existing systems.

  • Security:

    Maintain complete control over your data and ensure security and privacy throughout the AI training process.

  • Impactful:

    Stay ahead of the curve by easily integrating the newest AI models and technologies into your content creation process.

LILT empowers your enterprise to unlock the true potential of AI. Stop struggling with fragmented workflows and scattered data. Embrace the future of content creation with LILT, and build a scalable, efficient, and innovative content program that propels you ahead of the competition.