April '23 LILT Updates

by Lilt  Han Mai, Associate Director, Demand Generation  ·  News

This month, we’re bringing you more AI localization content and resources than ever before! From launching our new AI resource center to spotlighting a new customer story, we’re sharing exciting updates from the LILT team.

Read on to learn more about what we were up to in April.

Watch the Recording of AI Day

Watch the recording of our latest webinar, where our panel of AI and localization experts shed light on the mystery surrounding LLM and Contextual AI. Here's a preview of the webinar.

Watch full recording now.

You can also read our AI Day recap, where we dive into all 3 keynote sessions.
New AI Resource Center

Our team put together a new resource library for you. From webinars to blog posts, this will be your one-stop shop for content related to AI translation!

Check it out.

Customer Spotlight: Keeper Security

With a global customer base across multiple countries relying on Keeper, localizing content was a top priority for their team.

Learn how LILT’s AI solution resulted in faster turnaround times and less time spent on translation for the Keeper marketing team.

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What is your AI Translation Strategy? How to Operationalize New Language Technology

In this blog post, we'll discuss what AI translation is, how to choose the right AI translation strategy, and best practices for implementation. Read on to gain a better understanding of how to operationalize new language technology and create a successful AI translation strategy for your business.

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Why Businesses Should Invest in an AI Translation Solution

The exponential rise in interest for innovative AI-based tech solutions shows no signs of slowing down, as teams and companies continue to adopt artificial intelligence (AI) tools for optimizing a number of business processes.

Translation is one key area of your business where AI can make a significant impact, unlocking a whole range of benefits, including improved communication and profitability. Learn now.

AI Talk Series, Episodes 1 and 2

Episode 1: LLM — Why is the time for AI now?

In our AI Talk Series, where we’ll be sharing AI insights and predictions from LILT’s co-founders and experts. Learn a deeper understanding of large language models, upcoming trends in the localization industry, and the business implications of generative AI.

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Episode 2: The Pros and Cons of AI

In our second episode, LILT’s co-founders, Spence Green and John DeNero discuss the pros and cons of AI for businesses and the localization industry.

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Get an Exclusive Look Inside LILT

Ever wonder how LILT is able to deliver high-quality translations at scale?
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Quality with LILT

LILT is able to deliver industry-leading, enterprise-grade quality through our observability features and real-time fraud detection process.

In order to ensure diversity from third-party MT systems, like Google Translate, Microsoft Translator, and DeepL, LILT monitors linguists in real time to prevent copy/paste, reviews any flagged sessions, and works with linguists to confirm intent.

This comprehensive approach ensures that In-Context Learning is not undermined by third-party machine translation and that LILT exceeds quality expectations.

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