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LILT is the only solution that connects Generative AI to all of your enterprise systems, guarantees quality and consistency, and adapts with real-time feedback.
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Contextual Al
3rd party add-on only
Proprietary, core of platform
Services Pricing
Content-specific and rush fees
Single per word rate
Translation Management System
Bespoke pricing structure, reputation for vendor lock-in
Transparent platform fee, standards based platform
Al Choice
Requires user evaluation
Simple and connected
Al Re-Training
Manual and periodic
Dynamic and adaptive in real-time
Proxy lock in (GDN)
Full ownership post delivery
Content Generation
Not supported
LILT Create
Supply Chain Observability
Not supported
Live fraud detection + reporting
Al enabled workflows
MTPE, TEP framework
MQM, human-in-the-loop

LILT's Contextual AI Engine enables - Compact

On-Brand Translations

Our Contextual AI Engine learns your style and brand voice over time through In-Context Learning.

Top Quality

Instant retraining of LILT's large models ensures higher quality outcomes and reduced translation errors.

Cost Efficiency

In-Context Learning allows linguists to work faster, generating cost efficiencies for your team.


Investing in an AI strategy with LILT ensures your translation technology is always one step ahead.
Predictive Translation Suggestions
Predictive Translation Suggestions

LILT's Contextual AI Engine analyzes existing translation data and makes predictive translation suggestions. Suggestions dramatically increase translator accuracy and efficiency, enabling translators to spend their time on new or particularly challenging translation work, while the system handles predictable and repetitive parts automatically.

In-Context Learning
In-Context Learning

As translators interact with the translation suggestions, LILT's Contextual AI Engine learns and updates future suggestions. Translators see substantial efficiency gains from one sentence to the next, as instant retraining powers improved suggestions across the rest of the document as well as all future projects for your organization.

Fine tuning over time
Fine tuning over time

LILT's Contextual AI Engine is regularly retrained with new data, languages, and improvements to the predictive models behind the engine. Each word translated by the LILT Contextual AI Platform provides valuable feedback that automatically trains our models on your organization's content. But don't worry - your data is secure and only used to train your organization's engine. Data is never shared from one organization to the next.

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“LILT's AI-powered translation services helped us reduce translation costs by 40%."

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Loïc Dufresne de Virel
Head of Localization

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