Sprinklr leverages Lilt to supercharge its global customer experience

Lilt's AI-powered translation services help Sprinklr increase translation quality and streamline the end-to-end localization workflow

Building a modern customer experience today requires more care than ever. In the age of social media and user-generated content, perceptions of your company can get quickly amplified, providing you valuable feedback but also potentially negative messages that you can't control. The explosion of channels through which potential customers consume content, and the massive increase of that content discussing brands like yours, has made it both easier - and harder - than ever to build and manage a brand image and customer experience.

That's why enterprises like Microsoft, Philips, McDonald's, and Allstate all rely on Sprinklr, the leading customer experience management platform. Sprinklr provides one platform for brands to manage insights from public comments on social media and messaging channels, blogs and review sites. Then, Sprinklr makes it possible for brands to use these insights to improve marketing, advertising, research, customer care and engagement. The company is a global powerhouse - it has more than 1,800 employees that speak 27 different languages and live across 24 different time zones.

With Sprinklr's impressive growth rate and offices across 15 countries, the company found it challenging to provide a consistent view of its brand to its global, multilingual customer base. Sprinklr needed a localization solution that was efficient and cost-effective. That's why Sprinklr turned to Lilt.

"To supplement our growth, we needed to expand our localization efforts across more countries and languages." said Paul Michaud, VP of Marketing Operations at Sprinklr. "This especially included our marketing efforts, including more localization for our websites, our marketing communications and our collateral."

"We were focused on three things: speed, quality, and cost. As a rapidly growing company, we really value speed. Building a great customer experience is all about maintaining high quality. Finally, cost is really important because we are constantly being asked to do more with our limited budget. Thankfully, Lilt delivers on all three."

-Paul Michaud, VP of Marketing Operations at Sprinklr

Building the Global Customer Experience

Sprinklr has seen tremendous growth around the world as businesses realize they need to get a handle on listening to and learning from what their customers are saying. But with a large customer base of non-English speakers, the Sprinklr team realized that in order to achieve their mission of enabling every organization on the planet to make their customers happier, they needed to be able to make all of their content available to all of their customers - regardless of language.

"Our ultimate goal is to ensure that our platform, marketing materials, support content, and every channel through which we engage is localized in our customers' languages of choice," said Michaud.

Lack of Unified Localization Process Caused Inefficiencies and Wasted Spend

Without a single vendor and standardized workflow, Sprinklr left much of its localization efforts to each of its regional offices. As Sprinklr rapidly grew, the lack of unified processes started to cause challenges.

"For products created abroad, localization is essential to growing in local markets." said Masa Nakamura, APJ Localization Lead, based out of Sprinklr's Tokyo office. "This is even more applicable to Japan because of its culture which requires you some extra efforts to have your offerings adapted. As a part of a startup, I had to create our process from scratch. It was good enough to start with but it was getting harder for me to make it work at the scale we needed."

"Our team serves different stakeholders across the business - from engineering and product to marketing, services, and customer success - and we're always being asked to do more with less, and faster. There was a big need to streamline the way our localization operations worked, because the existing processes were a drain on the team," concluded Michaud.

The decentralized model wasn't getting the job done, and Sprinklr knew they needed a change. Lilt was able to provide the change that Sprinklr was looking for.

Reduced Localization Complexity with a Streamlined, Automated Workflow

"We were really excited at how Lilt simplifies the whole process. Managing all our vendors and workflows used to occupy a large amount of my day, and honestly wasn't really what I wanted to spend my time doing," said Carolina Faustino, Localization Lead at Sprinklr. "With Lilt, I have time back to focus on things like setting our localization strategy, building out end-to-end processes, managing our budget, and helping our team's business partners better understand the value of localization."

Lilt uses automation at every step in the process to create a more efficient process - increasing speed-to-market while decreasing complexity. That way, customers like Sprinklr can spend less time stressing about when their translation work will be done - and more time on evangelizing what it takes to localize content and build a global growth strategy to their key stakeholders.

Quality Sprinklr Can Trust

One of Lilt's key selling points was the high level of translation quality and consistency achieved for Sprinklr. Because Lilt's neural machine translation engine learns and gets smarter as it ingests more of Sprinklr's content, translators are able to work faster over time with no loss in quality.

"Our main goal is to improve the customer experience worldwide for our non-English-speaking customers," said Faustino. "With previous vendors, I had to spend a lot of my time constantly reviewing every piece of content and even redoing the translations. With Lilt, sometimes an initial translation needs additional review due to things like the nuances of our market's terminology, changes in Sprinklr's specific tone and voice, and the nature of the collaterals we produce."

"Lilt makes it easy to provide feedback to linguists, which is a crucial tool for improving quality, consistency and speed to delivery."

-Carolina Faustino, Localization Lead at Sprinklr

A Long Term Partner Building Solutions to Enable Sprinklr's Global Growth

Because Lilt has technology at its core, we're constantly investing in ways to use automation and AI to streamline the localization workflow, providing Sprinklr with additional cost efficiencies and increased speed to market.

"When we made our decision to go with Lilt, one of the key factors was the investments the company is making in technology and automation," said Michaud. "As a technology company ourselves, we really appreciated the depth of technical knowledge and the product vision that the Lilt team has."

"For me, I want to spend more time thinking strategically about how to better serve our business stakeholders rather than having to act as a proofreader or quality assurance person like I did with previous vendors," said Faustino.

"With Lilt, I don't have to worry about anything. They find great linguists, enable them with their technology, and train them based on our feedback - meaning I can spend my time focused on how to better deliver value to Sprinklr and our customers."

-Carolina Faustino, Localization Lead at Sprinklr