Simplify understanding for customers all over the world

Lilt helps technical content creators connect to their global customer base by delivering precise, high-quality translated content.

Translated by humans, augmented by AI

  • Lilt’s translators are enabled by our AI technology, giving you the quality of human translation with the industry's highest levels of speed and efficiency.

Leverage the world's best translators

  • Our translators have helped some of the fastest-growing companies in the world publish content for customers around the world.

Partner with a dedicated service team

  • Our dedicated services team works directly with you to ensure your evolving translation needs are met.

Simple to get started, scales with your business

  • Our pre-built integrations and simple onboarding process make it easy to start working with Lilt and see improved results fast.

Accelerate the localization experience

Lilt makes localizing technical content seamless and affordable, and our lightning-fast turnaround times make it easy to keep your technical documentation maintained and up-to-date for all your global customers.

Provide quality translation to customers worldwide

Lilt's translators develop an in-depth understanding of your technical content, allowing them to produce consistent, accurate, and high-quality translations for even your most complex content.

Utilize the power of AI

Lilt's machine translation software is thoroughly trained on your company-specific content to ensure precision and increase efficiency for all of your multilingual content.

“Lilt’s AI-powered translation services helped us reduce translation costs by 40%."

Loïc Dufresne de Virel

Head of Localization

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