Enhance communication with our Slack integration

Collaborate effectively and stay updated by connecting Lilt to your preferred communication platform.


Stay informed about every part of the process

Lilt's natively-built integration with Slack makes it easy for you to keep track of translation updates from inside the tool you use to share information.

The Slack integration also helps you maximize collaboration with your Lilt team by linking your current translation projects with your Slack workspace.

Lilt's integration with Slack also allows you to send comments to the Lilt Platform without leaving Slack, enabling you to save time and localize efficiently.

Drives Efficiency

Simplify your localization

Lilt's effortless integrations help you streamline your translation projects so you can focus on creating new content.

Data Ownership

Make communication efficient

Send communications back and forth between the Lilt Platform and Slack with Lilt's seamless integration.

Data Ownership

Always be in the know

Lilt's Slack integration notifies you of project progress and allows you to collaborate with your Lilt team.

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