Integrated, Agile Workflow

Localization workflows are often fragmented and follow a waterfall model. Multiple tools and services (e.g. TMS, CAT Tool, MT API) are used and stitched together introducing risk and making it hard to manage the entire process. Moreover, translation happens in several stages, including pre-translation steps with TMs and/or MT, which leaves little control to the translator at the end of the chain. Feedback is not directly integrated but needs to be managed via separate synchronization steps (e.g. periodic TM syncs or MT re-trainings).

Lilt is a customizable toolkit for agile localization workflows. It integrates centralized TM, interactive, adaptive MT and cloud-based CAT and can be accessed via a web app and API. The real-time feedback loop between the translation team and the Lilt system enables agile and continuous localization without extra human intervention or exchanging files between systems. This gives the client and the translation team more control over the entire translation workflow and thus mitigates risk.

Waterfall vs. Agile Workflow

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Last updated on 22nd April 2019