Word/Trados Can't Open File

Why can't MS Word open my translated file?

In rare cases, exported docx files cannot be opened by Microsoft Word or a Word-compatible editor such as LibreOffice or OpenOffice. This is due to internal complexity of the markup and automatic tag projection. A docx validation error does not necessarily mean that the exported document won't be readable, but you should be aware of potential export problems and check whether the downloaded document can be opened in your editor. If the file is corrupted, please contact us, we can most often fix the document manually.

Why can't Trados Studio open my SDLXLIFF file?

SDLXLIFF is an undocumented file format, and a complicated one at that. We're constantly working on our file filter, but in some cases you'll find that Trados Studio crashes or raises a cryptic error message on file import. Contact us. We can usually fix these problems manually for you.

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Last updated on 12th May 2019