Data Security

The first and most common question translators and business have about Lilt is usually: How do you use my data? Do you mine or share my data? Don't worry. Lilt was built with those concerns in mind.

Your work is under your control. Translation suggestions are generated by Lilt using a combination of our parallel text and your personal translation resources. When you upload a translation memory or translate a document, those translations are only associated with your account. Translation memories can be shared across your projects, but they are not shared with other users or third parties.

Your data never leaves our data center. We don't use Google Translate, Microsoft Translator, Linguee, or any other third-party translation service. Every suggestion that you see originates from a service built and controlled by Lilt.

You can remove your data at any time or delete your account entirely. To delete your account, send us a message via the support chat window at the lower right of the browser or directly to Do let us know if you have any questions about data or privacy.

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Last updated on 22nd April 2019