Teams and Sharing

In Lilt you can manage teams to share projects and memories and you can assign translators and reviewers to each file or a number of files. Teams are only available in Business accounts. Sharing/Assigning is available within Business accounts and between paid Pro users.


Add your team to Lilt so that you do not need to remember and re-type e-mail addresses. To create a team:

  • Click on the Account settings tab on the top navigation bar.
  • Click Team on the sidebar.
  • Click the Add a member button.

Add team member

Check Project Manager to add a team member with manager privileges. Project managers cannot have existing Lilt accounts, and they will not be permitted to upgrade/downgrade, or access the billing information of the master Business account.

After you have added a team member, you will see autocomplete options when you assign translators and reviewers.

Assign Work

There are two options to assign linguists - in the project details view or directly in the Editor. Once you have entered a linguist's e-mail address, they will receive an e-mail inviting them to open the document for translation and/or review. If the linguist does not have a Lilt account, then they will be invited to create an account. Words translated will be billed to the sharing account, not to the linguist.

Only one translator can edit the document at a time. However, the reviewer may begin accepting segments as soon as they are confirmed by the translator. Once a segment is accepted by the reviewer, the translator cannot change it.

Assign Documents in Project Details

In the documents list in the project details, click the arrow next to the document name to open the document tools menu. Then click Share to open the Share document dialog.

Document File Menu

Share Dialog Autocomplete

Enter the translator / reviewer e-mail addresses and click on the ASSIGN buttons.

For large projects, it is tedious to assign each file individually. Select files using the check boxes and then use the Share option on the bulk action menu to share several files at once:

Bulk sharing

Assign Document in Editor

In the Editor, select Tools in the header menu to access the document sharing options.

Share Dialog in-Editor

Enter the translator / reviewer e-mail addresses and click on the ASSIGN buttons.

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Last updated on 12th May 2019