Progress and Reports

Throughput, translation progress, and review progress can be monitored from the Project view for each document:

Document Progress

Refresh the screen to see the latest status. The documents and their details are arranged in a table and can be sorted per each column. The table can be exported and used as a report.

Documents Export

You can also see and export a progress report for the whole project by clicking Project Report on the Project Details view.

Project Progress

Throughputs and Timings

Lilt tracks timings in different places. The project report shows translation time, research time and review time. All timers stop after 3 minutes of inactivity.

  1. Translation time: This is the time actively spent on translating segments in our Editor.
  2. Research time: This is the time having a document open in our Editor but not actively translating segments (e.g. when searching in the lexicon).
  3. Review time: This is the time actively spent reviewing translations in Review mode.

Throughputs (words/hour) for translation and review are calculated based on the translation+research time and review time, respectively.

Revision History and Reporting

Changes made by reviewers are tracked. To export a revision report (in Microsoft Excel format), select Export > Revision Report in the project view:

Revision Report

For each source segment in the project, the revision report shows the original translation submitted by the translator, and the final translation accepted by the reviewer.

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Last updated on 16th July 2018