The Quote Builder generates a leverage report against the Memory, and allows input of the following quoting variables:

  • Fuzzy match band rate discounts
  • Per-word price

You can dynamically change these parameters to see the gross value of the project.

On the project view, click Quote Builder and then click the Generate button to create the quote.


Word Counting Algorithm

Tags are not counted as words. For whitespace-delimited languages, words are split on the whitespace defined by this regular expression: [ \t\u00A0\u2000-\u200A\u3000]

TM Leverage Report Algorithm

The TM leverage report is generated according to the following conventions:

  1. Repetitions take precedence over all TM matches
  2. In-context (ICE) matches are marked as 101%, and take precedence over 100% matches.

The report contains the following TM match bands:

  • 75-84%
  • 85-94%
  • 95-99%
  • 100% (exact match)
  • 101% (ICE match)
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Last updated on 12th May 2019