Create a Project

To create a project navigate to the Project Dashboard and click on the New Project button:

Create Project

A project creation wizard will open.

First, choose a project name name, language combination, and optionally set a due date or share with your team: Create Project Step 1

Having clicked Next, you will see the second step: Create Project Step 2 Select a pre-existing memory or create a new one.

Click Create to create the project. Lilt will then open the Project view, which allows you to import documents. Lilt supports most major file formats, including language-industry specific formats such as XLIFF and Trados Studio Packages. You can import files by pressing UPLOAD FILE or by dragging files into the box:

Project Detail View

If you wish to translate the same source files to multiple target languages, then you will need to create a new project for each language pair.

After selecting the language pair, Lilt will create a project and import the files for you. For larger files this process may take a few seconds to complete.

Project Management

The project dashboard lets you visualize the current status of your team's projects as a Kanban board. Projects are displayed in the corresponding columns according to their current status and move between the columns whenever a status changes.

Project Dashboard

Each project card shows a quick summary of the project, its status and due date. The small icons at the bottom of a card give you the option to quickly perform actions such as archiving, deleting and sharing. If you click on the info icon a detailed info pane appears on the right, which also allows you to edit a few project details and set/change a due date.

Project Dashboard Info

You can also move projects up and down within a column, e.g. to move high priority projects on top, or between two columns by a simple drag & drop:

Drag-and-drop Dashboard

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Last updated on 12th May 2019